Board of Directors

The Brock University Students’ Union Board of Directors is a branch of elected student government within BUSU. The Board is the highest electoral body that governs over the legislative documents, human resource, financial and legal decisions within the Students' Union. The Board meets bi-weekly throughout the year. If you are interested in getting involved with the BUSU Board of Directors, please contact Kayleigh Rossetto at [email protected]


Raman Hundal (Chair)

Program: 4th Year, Business Communications (Honours)

Hello Everyone, I am Raman and I am your Chair of the Board at BUSU this year. I am in my 4th Year of Business Communication (Honours) and during my time at Brock, I have been actively involved with student issues on and off campus. A great way to start is getting involved with the BUSU clubs. I did the same, from starting and running Indian Students Association in my second year to Board of Directors, my one and only motivation has been to serve “YOU” better. Running for Board was one of the best decisions I ever made, as I had already worked from outside the BUSU, I wanted to represent students from inside the BUSU. It is a great experience to work with amazing people that work hard to do what is best for students. You can reach out to me through my email if you want to share anything with the Board and I will bring it up in our next meeting. Thank you.

Email Raman
Dev Jariwala (Vice-Chair)

Program: 2nd Year, Business Communications

Hey Badgers, my name is Dev Jariwala, I’m a 2nd-year Business Communications student, this year I have the opportunity to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the board. It is my first year with BUSU, I have been actively involved with clubs both on and off-campus. Serving on the board will allow me to represent all the undergraduate students and work hard to make your university experience better. If you have any questions about Brock or BUSU, please feel free to reach out to me.

Daniel Ikhagbode

Program: 4th Year, Business Communications (Honours)

Hello Badgers! I’m Daniel Ikhagbode and I am an international student heading into my fourth year as a Business Communication major. Amongst many of my hobbies, I enjoy cooking, playing basketball, and volunteering.

 Serving on the board offers me a learning opportunity that allows me to grow as a person and as a leader. It has also put me in a position to give back to Brock as an organization but most importantly, my fellow students as the most important stakeholders. I’m fortunate enough to work with a team whose sole purpose is dedicated to serving YOU our students. I have no doubts that the decisions taken will be done with Brock University students in mind. For anyone who is interested in contributing to the decisions discussed within the student union, this is a position I’d highly recommend!

Emily Wright

Program: 3rd Year Business Communications

Hi Everyone! I’m Emily Wright and I am going into my third year of my B.A in Business Communications. I also have a passion for Political Science and am completing my minor in it. I love getting involved around Brock and do so mainly through the Rotaract club. I joined the board because I believe it needed a strong female voice to represent! Outside of school I am very outdoorsy and love anything that involves getting outside and active. I’m grateful for the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 year and look forward to what it will bring!

Basit Ur Rehman

Program: 2nd Year, B.Aac

Hello everyone! I’m Basit Ur Rehman and I’m going into my second year of Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc) program. I’ve a Bureaucratical/political background and I like getting involved in it as it enables me to learn and enhance my intellectual abilities. I joined the board to serve the Brock community through representation and becoming YOUR voice, I enjoy the fulfillment that comes from giving back the community. Furthermore, Boards are mini-organizations, and it provides a platform to shine and expand my leadership skills. I am honoured for the opportunity to sit on the Board for the year 2020-2021 and it is a great experience to work with such great people to provide the best student experience to you.

Rafay Rehan

Program: 4th Year, BBA

Hey Badgers! I’m Rafay, your Vice-President of Finance and Administration for the year. This is my second term on the BUSU Board of Directors so I bring a lot of experience to the table.

I’m in my final year of the Business Administration program so if you have any questions regarding Goodman or the BBA program don’t hesitate to reach out! Aside from BUSU, I love photography and have always been into Marketing and Graphic Design as well. I want to make sure that we, as the Board, are communicating with Brock University students and being as transparent as possible when making decisions. We have a great team for the 2020-21 year and I’m looking forward to working with them to provide YOU with the best student experience possible!

Asad Jalib

Program: BBA, Class of 2020

Hey Badgers! I'm Asad Jalib - your 2020-2021 BUSU President and Board member. I graduated in 2020 from the Goodman School of Business Administration program. Prior to graduating, I served as a BUSAC Councillor, Senator and VP Finance and Administration. I have spent the last few years advocating on behalf of students to see improvements to our transit system, health and dental plan as well as the Zone expansion project.

I look forward to representing you once again during the 2020-2021 year!

Robert Hilson (non-voting)

BUSU General Manager

Hey Badgers!  My name is Robert.  This is my third year serving as the General Manager of the Brock University Students’ Union. Prior to my time at BUSU, I worked for seven years at Brock University in roles of Director of Ancillary Services (Food, Housing, Parking, Campus Store etc.) and as the Director of Athletics.

Before coming to Brock, I worked at Western, McMaster and the University of Ottawa.  I also worked in both Federal and Provincial Government. I hold a Master’s Degree in Administration with a focus on Law, and am in the process of completing my Masters Degree in Education.

I look forward to the 2020-2021 year.

2020-21 Minutes

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