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"We are student powered"

Phone: 905-688-5550 ext. 3568

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Location: Our reception desk is located on the 3rd floor Student-Alumni Building. See directions at this link.

Hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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About BUSU

Brock University Students' Union (BUSU), which was established in 1970, has long served the needs of students through impactful initiatives such as comprehensive access to healthcare benefits and public transit. Additionally, BUSU offers employment opportunities to hundreds of students on campus, hosts year-round events, and facilitates over 130 student clubs.

BUSU is overseen by an elected Board of student representatives. See more about BUSU Governance here.


To foster an ever-improving Student Experience that is transformational, enriching, and empowering. Our singular focus at BUSU is to create the best student experience ever. However, the word best leaves us undefined, so we will instead improve the student experience every day to achieve being the best. The student experience encompasses the personal, social, and educational journey we all go through at Brock.


To cultivate a generation of students that intently shape our world. The ultimate work of BUSU is the realization of our vision. All our efforts, objectives, and resources aim to foster generations of students with the mindset, skillset, and tools to be transformative global citizens. During their time at Brock and much after, students continue to intently create a positive impact on the world that echoes into future generations.


We achieve our mission by: deeply understanding the evolving needs of students; enhancing the educational, social, and personal lives of students; advocating on behalf of and with students, internally and externally; providing resources, services, and support to enrich the student journey; fostering welcoming and inclusive student communities.


We are diverse, inclusive, & equitable. We understand that people have unique lived experiences, seeing and thinking about the world through different intersectional lenses. We’re leaders. We set the pace, stand up for what we believe, and won’t settle for mediocrity. We’re accountable. Trust us to be transparent and always prioritize the needs of students. We’re fun. Expect us to bring the excitement and show up with enthusiasm every day. We’re here to do good. We do the right things for the right reasons and uphold the highest of integrity.

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Upcoming Events

Event Wrap Up
19th April 11am - 30th September midnight
Events Feedback & Ideas
1st September 9am - noon
Give your feedback on BUSU events and share your ideas for what events you want to see in 2023/24!
BadgerFest 2023
3rd September 9am - 8th September 5pm
Brock (various locations on campus)
BadgerFest 2023 events will be announced through out the summer, so stay tuned to our Instagram @brockbusu. This week-long festival during Brock Welcome Week will be an experience you'll never forget!