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BrockTV is your student-run media outlet on campus! We do everything from live broadcasts of sporting events, to coverage of student governance, to original series, to event recaps and so much more - we create the content that Brock students want to see!


Featured Events

Brock's Got Talent Live - Heat Two
2nd February 2pm - 3pm
Union Station Food Court
Cheer on your fellow Badgers and vote, vote, vote - It's Brock's Got Talented hosted by BrockTV!!
Women's Basketball Illustration Women's Basketball Livestream
3rd February 6pm - 7:30pm
Men's Basketball Illustration Men's Basketball Livestream
3rd February 8pm - 9:30pm

Meet Our Team

BrockTV is made of a large group of passionate student employees and volunteers who are dedicated to creating the content that Brock students want to see!

Find out more about our team and hear a little about their experiences as part of BrockTV.