BrockTV producer operating a camera.


Get Involved!

BrockTV is made by students, for students, so we are always looking for students who are passionate about filmmaking, digital content, and social media to get involved. The best part is, no experience is required!

If you're looking to gain experience in a real-world setting, learn the basics of using a camera, or just want to get close to the action, our volunteer team could always use a helping hand!

Job Opportunities

Currently, we do not have any posted job opportunities. Keep an eye on our social media and this page for the next opportunity!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer positions include camera operators and game statisticians. Maybe sports broadcasting isn't your cup of tea - if you have a great video idea but don't have the equipment or connections to make it, we can help guide, shoot and edit. Currently, we do not have any posted volunteer opportunities, but if you have any questions or are ready to get involved, email Joel at!


Nick Kester Producer

"My time with Brock TV has provided a very unique educational opportunity. Whereas most university classes are focused on abstract concepts and theory work, Brock TV is all about hands-on learning. From shooting to editing to post prod, just give it a try. It might not work... it might look not so great.... But you’re going to learn a lot by doing it. And if you keep doing it, it might start to look pretty good. From starting as a volunteer to becoming a paid staff member, learning has remained the number one goal. As someone who knows that they understand things best through firsthand, direct practice, Brock TV has been an absolute godsend. Indisputably one of the most in-depth educational experiences during my time at university."