The Board of Directors governs over BUSU's legislative documents, human resource, financial and legal decisions within the Students' Union. The Board meets monthly throughout the year.

Board members are Brock undergraduate students and elected by the student body during BUSU elections.

If you would like to contact the Board, or if you would like to attend one of our upcoming Board meetings, please reach out to


Brielle KaminskyBrielle Kaminsky (she/her) Board Member

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Charles Liao Charles Liao (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers, my name is Charles Liao and I'm in my 3rd year of the Business Communication program. I am honored to be elected as one of the BUSU Board of Directors and I am here to create positive changes for you at Brock while working for the student body. I am very dedicated and task-oriented so I will work towards the success of the school, and I truly appreciate everyone who put faith in me so now it is my turn to give the favor back. This year will be great, I look forward to working as part of your BUSU Board of Directors this year!

Charlie MartinCharlie Martin (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My Name is Charlie Martin, and I am from the small town of Dunnville, Ontario. I am a fourth-year political science major with a history minor and also in the Law Plus program! I am committed to acting as a student voice and advocating for Brock's student body. I am once again excited to be on the Board of Directors, and I am honoured to be able to serve you, the students!

 Dina Ibrahim Dina Ibrahim (she/her) Board Member

Hello! My name is Dina Ibrahim, and I have been living in St. Catharines for a couple of years now, having moved from Dubai. Being a part of this team as a board member is a privilege. I am deeply committed to representing our student community effectively and ensuring that your voices are heard and acted upon. Let's work together to make your experience at Brock University genuinely exceptional!

 Hinkal Patel Hinkal Patel (she/her) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Hinkal Patel, I am in my 3rd year of Biotechnology at Brock. This is my 2nd year as a Board of Director. I am honoured to be a representative of the student body here at Brock! I am very excited to work alongside fellow Board of Directors to have a successful year!

 Ian Bhimani Ian Bhimani (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers, my name is Ian Bhimani, and I'm excited to join as one of your newly elected Board of Directors. As a 3rd Year Business Administration Co-op student, I recognize the significance of clear communication and openness. I am dedicated to fulfilling the commitments I laid out in my campaign. I sincerely appreciate the trust placed in me by all of you, and I am determined to advocate for your needs diligently, ensuring that your perspectives are valued and acknowledged. Let's dive in and start making a difference together!

 Irene Charley Irene Charley (she/her) Board Member

Hello Everyone! My name is Irene Charley and I am in my third year of BSc.Biomedical Sciences and I am also a part of the MedPlus program . Last year I had the opportunity to be a councillor on the BUSU - AC and was elected to be a part of the VPUA advisory committee. I loved being a part of the student body where I was able to contribute my ideas to various projects. I am excited to be a part of the Board of Directors where I get the opportunity to advocate for student voices.

 Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Mohamed Ahmed and I am in my fourth year of Medical Science. I have been a part of BUSAC since my second year with Student Services committee and this past year with CPC. I look forward to being a part of Board of Directors this year and being the voice of the students!

 Rajat Agrawal Rajat Agrawal (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Rajat Agrawal, I just finished with my 4th year in Medical Sciences and minors in Biological Sciences at Brock. Since my first year, I have served as a councillor on BUSAC, and I am excited to keep advocating on behalf of student voices. It has been an amazing experience serving Brock students through BUSU and I am very happy that I can continue to support students in my position on the Board of Directors again this year.

 Randa Joatar Randa Joatar Board Member

Hello Badgers! My name is Randa Joatar and I am in my 4th year of Medical Sciences. I am immensely grateful for being elected to represent my peers here at Brock. I look forward to supporting and serving you all as a member of the BUSU Board of Directors.

 Ritik Mistry Ritik Mistry (he/him) Board Member

Hey everyone, my name is Ritik Mistry. I'm in my fourth year of study at Brock University for the Business Administration program. I'm excited to share that I will continue for another year on the board of directors' seat to serve the Brock University student body.

Tomas Oviedo Tomas Oviedo (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Tomas Oviedo and I am originally from Paris, Ontario. As a second year co-op political science student, as well as a member of Brock's Law Plus program, I am committed to help serving Brock's student population any way I can! As a member of the BUSU board of Directors, my goal is to help make Brock a welcoming and engaging environment for all students!

 Anusha Pahuja Anusha Pahuja (she/her) BUSU President (non-voting Board Member)

Anusha Pahuja (she/her) is BUSU’s President. As the BUSU President, Anusha serves as the representative for the undergraduate student union at Brock. She is dedicated towards enhancing accessibility, diversity, and overall student satisfaction. Anusha also extends support to the three Vice Presidents in their endeavors. Read more about Anusha

Robert Hilson (he/him) BUSU General Manager (non-voting Board Member

As BUSU's General Manager, I oversee all BUSU’s business and administrative operations on behalf of the Executives and Board. I also operate as a liaison between BUSU’s Board of Directors and the full and part-time staff to provide efficient, student-focused services and facilities.

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Student Executives

Our Student Excutives work full time year round to represent the students of Brock to the highest levels of the University as well as local, regional and federal government, plus work on their own projects and priorities to provide the best student experience possible.

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Governance Structure

BUSU Governance Structure. The Undergraduate Student then Board of Directors, BUSAC off to left side, below Board President and General Manager, below President is Executives, below General Manager BUSU staff

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