The Board of Directors governs over BUSU's legislative documents, human resource, financial and legal decisions within the Students' Union. The Board meets monthly throughout the year.

The next BUSU Board Election will take place in February. Pick up your nomination package from the BUSU Front Desk starting Jan. 15, 2024. Find out more at

Board members are Brock undergraduate students and elected by the student body during BUSU elections.

If you would like to contact the Board, or if you would like to attend one of our upcoming Board meetings, please reach out to


Alex Swartzentruber (he/him) Board Chair

Hey! My name is Alex Swartzentruber, I am from the small town of Tavistock Ontario and I am in my 4th year here at Brock. Last year I was elected to be a councilor on BUSAC and continuing onto this year. It has been such a pleasure to serve the student body thus far and I am thrilled to be a voice for the students on the Board of Directors this year, I look forward to all that we are going to accomplish!"

Madeha NurMadeha Nur (she/her) Board Vice-Chair

Hello! My name is Madeha Nur and I am an international student from Bangladesh, enrolled into the Leadership in Community Based Education Certificate Program at Brock University. I am honoured to be elected as the BUSU Board of Directors and represent the students where their voices are heard. I am committed towards working hard and making your experience at Brock the best!

Binoy MahmudBinoy Mahmud (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers, my name is Binoy Mahmud, and I'm thrilled to be one your newly elected Board of Directors. As a Business Communication major, I understand the importance of effective communication and transparency, which is why I'm committed to delivering on all the promises I made during my campaign. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who put their faith in me, and I promise to work tirelessly to represent your interests and make sure that your voices are heard. So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Brielle KaminskyBrielle Kaminsky (she/her) Board Member

Coming soon


Charlie MartinCharlie Martin (he/him) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My Name is Charlie Martin, and I am from the small town of Dunnville, Ontario. I am a third-year political science major with a history minor and also in the law plus program! I am committed to acting as a student voice and advocating for Brock's student body. Last year I served as BUSAC student-at-large, and in my first year, I was one of the first-year reps for BUSAC. I am beyond excited to be a Board of Directors now, and I am honoured to be able to serve you, the students! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Esrea IbrahimEsrea Ibrahim (she/her) Board Member

coming soon!

Gabby CorriveauGabryelle Corriveau (she/her) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Gabby Corriveau, I am in my 4th year of the Neuroscience program at Brock. I have been a councillor on BUSAC since my first year and look forward to continuing to promote student voices. It has been an amazing experience serving Brock students through BUSU and I am very happy that I can continue to support students in my position on the Board of Directors this year.

Hinkal PatelHinkal Patel (she/her) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Hinkal Patel, I am in my 2nd year of Biotechnology at Brock. I am honoured to be an representative of the student body here at Brock! I am very thrilled to be working on the BUSU Board of Directors! I am very excited to work alongside fellow Board of Directors to have a successful year!

Leenah ShaikhLeenah Shaikh (she/her) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name is Leenah shaikh, I am in my 3rd year of medical science. Last year I was elected to be a councillor on BUSAC where I was internally elected to sit on CPC and ERC. It has been an honour to serve the student body, I look forward to be a voice for students on the Board of Directors this year coming year.

Maggie HuangMaggie Huang (she/her) Board Member

Hey Badgers! My name’s Maggie and I’m a first year BBA double degree student from Niagara Falls. I have been involved with student advocacy since high school and I am honoured to be able to serve on the BUSU Board of directors this year. I have served on BUSAC as a first-year representative and as a director of events for Goodman BSA. I look forward to all that is to come this year and feel free to dm me on instagram and reach out @maggiehuang_ with any questions or concerns.

Rajat AgrawalRajat Agrawal (he/him) Board Member

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Ritik MistryRitik Mistry (he/him) Board Member

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Shahzadi Mahnoor BalochShahzadi Mahnoor Baloch (she/her) Board Member

Hey, Badgers! I'm Shahzadi Mahnoor Baloch, currently pursuing my fourth year in the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program. As an international student from Pakistan, I've personally faced the challenges that many of us encounter. As a member of the Board of Directors (BOD), I'm here to be your advocate and address your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact me at with any questions or concerns. In the previous year, I served as a BUSAC Councilor and a CPC member, contributing to policymaking decisions regarding club funding. This year, I'm dedicated to utilizing my experience in my current role to better serve our diverse community

Robert Hilson (he/him) BUSU General Manager (non-voting Board Member

As BUSU's General Manager, I oversee all BUSU’s business and administrative operations on behalf of the Executives and Board. I also operate as a liaison between BUSU’s Board of Directors and the full and part-time staff to provide efficient, student-focused services and facilities.

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Student Executives

Our Student Excutives work full time year round to represent the students of Brock to the highest levels of the University as well as local, regional and federal government, plus work on their own projects and priorities to provide the best student experience possible.

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Governance Structure

BUSU Governance Structure. The Undergraduate Student then Board of Directors, BUSAC off to left side, below Board President and General Manager, below President is Executives, below General Manager BUSU staff

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