The Board of Directors governs over BUSU's legislative documents, human resource, financial and legal decisions within the Students' Union. The Board meets monthly throughout the year.

Board members are Brock undergraduate students and elected by the student body during BUSU elections.

If you would like to contact the Board, or if you would like to attend one of our upcoming Board meetings, please reach out to


James Maxwell-Barillas (he/him) Chair of the Board

Hey Badgers! I’m James Maxwell-Barillas, and I’m a 4th year Political Science student from Ottawa. I have been involved with BUSU for a couple years now in various positions, and it is a privilege to be serving you as the Chair of BUSU’s Board of Directors for this school year. I am dedicated to representing you, and making your students’ union and university experience better! All questions and/or concerns regarding the Board of Directors can be directed to my email

Carleigh Charlton (she/they) Vice-Chair

Hey there, I’m Carleigh Charlton, a 3rd year Political Science student from London. I have been involved with BUSU since my first year, and I am sitting as the Vice-Chair of BUSU’s Board of Directors this year! I am committed to representing students, and making sure the student experience is prioratized in all of our decisons. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me on instagram @Carleigh.Charlton, or send me an email:!

Ben Johnson (he/him) Board Member

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Aishah Sonekan (she/her) Board Member

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Aleiah Torres (she/her) Board Member

As a BUSU Board of Director, I am responsible for attending monthly meetings to discuss and vote on topics involved with student governance, legislative documents, human resource, financial and legal decisions related to our Students' Union. My goal is to create the best student experience for us all and ensure the rest of our team is doing the same! I am a 4th year Medical Science student from Toronto and part of Brock Women’s Volleyball Varsity Team. I’m looking forward to all the fun events planned this school year, let’s make the most out of it!

Mark Chrabalowski (he/him) Board Member

Bio coming soon

Alex Swartzentruber (he/him) Board Member

Hey! My name is Alex Swartzentruber, I am from the small town of Tavistock Ontario and I am in my 4th year here at Brock. Last year I was elected to be a councilor on BUSAC and continuing onto this year. It has been such a pleasure to serve the student body thus far and I am thrilled to be a voice for the students on the Board of Directors this year, I look forward to all that we are going to accomplish!"

Faizan Ahmad (he/him) Board Member

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Hannah Gray (she/her) Board Member

Hey there! I’m Hannah and I am in my third year of BBA Co-op. I’m from a very small town so believe it or not, St. Catharines is exciting to me. I love getting involved on campus and meeting new people. I have Co-op in the fall, but you’ll probably still see me on campus! I’m excited to be on the Board of Directors and I’m excited to see what the year brings.

Yasmine Hejazi (she/her) Board Member

As BUSU's VPSS, I administer and supervise BUSU Clubs and events. I oversee all ratified clubs, their conduct, and sit as the chair of the Clubs Policy Committee. On the programming side, I plan and run events including Orientation week, Vendor fair, Brock off-campus and other exciting initiatives.

Austin Hurley (he/him) Board Member

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Robert Hilson (He/him) Non-Voting Board Member

As BUSU's General Manager, I oversee all BUSU’s business and administrative operations on behalf of the Executives and Board. I also operate as a liaison between BUSU’s Board of Directors and the full and part-time staff to provide efficient, student-focused services and facilities.

View Board Meeting videos at this link.

Student Executives

Our Student Excutives work full time year round to represent the students of Brock to the highest levels of the University as well as local, regional and federal government, plus work on their own projects and priorities to provide the best student experience possible.

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Governance Structure

BUSU Governance Structure. The Undergraduate Student then Board of Directors, BUSAC off to left side, below Board President and General Manager, below President is Executives, below General Manager BUSU staff

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Governance Documents and Policies
Operating Policies
Financial Documents
Board of Directors Minutes

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