Vice-President External Affairs


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Mark Chrabalowski


Mark Chrabalowski is BUSU’s Vice-President External Affairs. In this role, Mark works with other Universities in the province to advocate for students through the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) to draft policy recommendations for the Ontario Provincial Government.

Mark is in his forth year of a Bachelor in political science. He has previously served on BUSU-AC, the BUSU Board of Directors, and the Brock University Senate.

Students may need to contact Mark for:

Anything and everything student advocacy related toward other Universities and all levels of Government, as well as Inquires about student advocacy opportunities, questions about OUSA, and information regarding ongoing lobbying efforts. Email

A note from Mark:

Hellooooo Badgers!!!

I can’t wait for a year of fun memories and great experiences with all my fellow Badgers.

In addition to all our great events we’re going to continue working hard to uplift the Brock community and advocate for the needs of students. I’m excited to represent our school and student body as VPEA and advocate for the types of policy that would help further improve the lives of our students. I’ll be advocating alongside other university representatives and speaking with government officials in hopes of enacting positive change for all of us. If you have any ideas on policy recommendations or ideas on how we can promote the student experience please reach out to me anytime!  

It’s going to be an amazing year badgers, give it your best and live the experience to its fullest!

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