Vice-President External Affairs


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Alyssa Hall

Alyssa Hall (she/her) is BUSU’s Vice-President of External Affairs (VPEA). In this role, Alyssa will be focusing on external advocacy efforts through a combination of policy writing and lobbying. Alyssa will be working closely with the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) to advocate on behalf of undergraduate students at the provincial level. In addition to her work with OUSA, Alyssa will be meeting with local, provincial, and federal members of Canadian governance to make sure that the voices, needs, and concerns of Brock students are being heard by our elected representatives.  

Alyssa holds a Bachelors degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science from Brock University. During her time spent as an undergraduate student at Brock, Alyssa worked in the capacity of BUSU’s Research and Policy Writer, a position which has furthered her interest in policy writing and advocacy. Alyssa has represented BUSU at two OUSA General Assembly meetings, where she has collaborated with undergraduate students across OUSA’s eight member institutions to create and vote on policy papers which guide OUSA’s provincial advocacy efforts. Alyssa has also attended the Student Advocacy Conference, where she was able to develop her lobbying skills while building relationships with members of Ontario’s provincial parliament to help advocate for the needs of Brock students.  

Students may need to contact Alyssa for:  

 Any questions or concerns that they have regarding BUSU’s external advocacy efforts at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels; any inquiries that they have about BUSU internal policy; and to offer general feedback regarding BUSU’s policy or advocacy initiatives.  

A note from Alyssa:

Hey Badgers, I am so excited to represent you this year as BUSU's Vice-President of External Affairs and I can't wait to share my advocacy and lobbying journeys with you all! This year, I am most looking forward to the chance to work with you and to make sure that I am highlighting your voices, questions, struggles, and concerns while I am meeting with representatives from Canada's municipal, provincial, and federal governments. Regardless of the conversation being had, I am committed to ensuring that the voices of Brock students are being represented in the places where decisions are being made, even if this means bringing and forcing my own chair to the table. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the work that I am doing this year, please do not hesitate to reach out. I can't wait to see you all on campus in the fall! 

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