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About BUSU Elections

Each school year, BUSU hosts two elections for undergraduate students to select their representatives on the BUSU Board of Directors, and Brock Senate. Students also vote on referendum questions relating to student fees or BUSU’s governing legislation.

Election Periods

October By-Election

The primary purpose of the October election is to fill any vacant seats throughout BUSU's representative bodies.

February Election

The purpose of the February election period is to elect your Directors of the Board, which is BUSU’s highest governing body that oversees legislation, human resources, financial and legal decisions. 

Also, this is the period where students are elected to sit on Brock's Senate which oversees the academic policy of the Unviersity.



What are the responsibilities of each position

The Brock University Students Union Board of Directors is a governing body that oversees the financial, legal and HR matters of your students union. It consists of 13 voting students and the BUSU General Manager (non voting). The Board meets 1-2 times per month for approximately 2-3 hours each meeting. You can find out more information about the BUSU Board of Directors HERE. The Brock University Senate is a body that oversees the academic policy of the University. The Senate is made up of approximately 70 members of administration, faculty and students. BUSU elects 6 students to sit on the Senate along with our Vice President University Affairs. Senate meets monthly.

What are the requirements for running?

To sit on the BUSU Board of Directors you must be a currently registered undergraduate student (during the time of the election), have a minimum 60% average and be 18 years of age or older. To sit on the Brock Senate you must be a currently registered undergraduate student throughout the entire term, have a minimum 60% average, and successfully completed 4 credits.

What are the time commitments of each position?

The BUSU Board meets monthly for approximately 2-3 hours. Additional meetings may be called as needed. You will also be required to attend a day of training in May. The Brock Senate meets monthly for approximately 2 hours. You will also have the opportunity to sit on one of several Senate committees. You will also be required to meet with your fellow Senators before each meeting to review the agenda and discuss.

Are the positions paid?

The BUSU Board positions are voluntary. The Brock Senate positions come with a honorarium based on attendance and active participation.

Is there a cost to participating in the election?

No! BUSU provides all candidates with a budget of $100-150 to run their campaign. The money can be spent on headshots, graphic design, social media advertising, etc. All expenses will be reimbursed to the candidates at the conclusion of the election. Going over the budget will result in a financial penalty or removal from the race.

How should I develop my platform?

Our recommendation is to campaign on why YOU would be a great representative for students. Share your previous experience, club involvement, etc. We recommend each candidate to review the BUSU Strategic Plan found HERE. We can also put you in touch with current representatives to help answer any questions you might have and provide guidance. Contact Kayleigh krossetto@brockbusu.ca for more information.

What does campaigning look like?

At the beginning of each campaign period the candidates will be given a “handbook” to help guide them through the campaign process. Candidates are encouraged to campaign in the hallways, speak to classes (if approved by the professor) and campaign online. BUSU will also provide opportunities for the candidates to connect with students through online videos and possibly debates. This will vary depending on the campaign period and number of candidates.

Who should I contact if I have a question regarding election rules?

You can contact our Returning Officer at elections@brockbusu.ca or Kayleigh at krossetto@brockbusu.ca


More questions?

We're here to help! We welcome you to contact our Elections Team at elections@brockbusu.ca.

Want to get involved?

Vist our Opportunities page to sign up for volunteer opportunities with our Elections Team.

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