What We Do

Have you ever considered how change comes about? Before a change is made, there is planning and before planning, comes an udnerstanding of what needs to be put into the action to make a situation better. Advocating is the processs of research, promotion, lobbying and direct action to make a change that will better the community as a whole. Being an advocate means standing up for what you believe in, as well as what is best for your community, and lobbying for that belief to become reality.

The Advocacy Department

Together, the VPEA, Advocacy Coordinator and Research & Policy Coordinator work to engage, inform and lobby for students on issues that affect post-secondary education, and the life of the modern student.


The VPEA is the representative to provincial and federal lobby groups on behalf of the Brock University student body.

Advocacy Coordinator

The Advocacy coordinator has more of a face presence in the hallways as they put on many campaigns to either inform students on upcoming issues/changes, or, collect feedback on students’ opinions of these issues.

Research & Policy Coordinators

The research and policy coordinators assist in the creation of policy options to the Municipal. Ontario and federal governments on behalf of OUSA and CASA. The research and policy coordinators are responsible for conducting all research as directed by the VPEA as well as researching information necessary to the campaigns conducted by the advocacy coordinator.