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We will be back with events for Brock students in September starting with BadgerFest - our week long Welcome festival! Stay tuned as we roll out event announcements below and follow us on Instagram @BrockBUSU.

BUSU Carnival

Event Wrap Up
19th April - 30th September
Events Feedback & Ideas
1st September
Give your feedback on BUSU events and share your ideas for what events you want to see in 2023/24!
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BadgerFest 2023
3rd-8th September
Brock (various locations on campus)
BadgerFest 2023 events will be announced through out the summer, so stay tuned to our Instagram @brockbusu. This week-long festival during Brock Welcome Week will be an experience you'll never forget!
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3rd-8th September
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Clubs Week
2nd-6th October
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Wellness Week
6th-10th November
BUSU Wellness Events
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Frosh Week
15th-19th January
Frosh Week BUSU Events
General | Frost Week
Wellness Week
4th-8th March
Wellness Week BUSU Events
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