Financial Support

Need financial assistance? BUSU provides a number of supports for students, including bursaries, emergency loans and grocery vouchers.

BUSU Bursaries

BUSU has endowed a bursary which will provide 4 (four) undergraduate students each year with a $400 bursary. Students can apply for this bursary through the Brock University’s OneApp.

Emergency Loan Program

The Emergency Student Loan Program (ESLP) was established to provide temporary assistance for undergraduate students who are experiencing short-term financial difficulties. ESLP loans are available up to $500.00. For more details or to apply now, please visit the Student Accounts & Financial Aid ESLP page.

Food First Program

The Food First program is a service aimed to address the growing issues of food and health insecurity among Canadian post-secondary students. Food banks, meal programs and other resources in the Niagara community can also offer support to students in need. You can learn more about this program at the Food First website.