What Is Ride With Me?

Ride With Me S.O.A is an Advocacy Campaign designed to inform, educate, and engage with students on pedestrian and driver safety, public transportation within the Niagara Region, and differentiating between legal and illegal taxi cabs. We have organized the campaign into three pillars; Safety, Opportunity, and Awareness.


Safety, being one of the main pillars of the campaign, will aim to make students aware of pedestrian and driver safety tips, and will educate students on the difference between legal and illegal taxis and the potential safety concerns associated with illegal cabs.

Over the last several years we have had three students pass away when walking or biking to and from Brock. BUSU feels it is our responsibility to provide students with tips that will help them stay visible and safe when walking or biking. We will also be addressing concerns with drinking and driving, as well as distracted driving. This is an issue not specific to Brock students, but is country wide and needs to be addressed.

Students constantly look for the cheapest method of transportation to get them to and from class, home, downtown, work, grocery shopping, and all throughout the Niagara Region. Although all students have a bus pass they often resort to calling taxi cabs. Best case scenario students will call a legitimate cab company; however, a recent trend is the use of illegitimate taxi cabs. There are a number of concerns that BUSU has with the use of illegitimate cabs and wants to make them clear to all students.


The opportunity pillar is focused on collecting student feedback through a survey on the U-pass program, and the service provided to them through the U-pass. All undergraduate students are required to pay a nominal fee of $195.45, making up the majority of BUSUs’ transit budget. These monies are spent each year to the various transit providers to run specific routes that help meet student needs. Contributing such a large sum of money to the transit systems, we want to ensure that current service provided to students is sufficient and in fact meeting all their needs and wants.


The awareness component of the campaign is what ties it all together. We want students to be aware of what steps BUSU has taken to address pedestrian and driver safety, illegal taxi cabs, and transit within the Niagara Region.