Message from Niagara Falls Transit Commission

The Niagara Falls Transit Commission has asked us to share the following with students regarding the schedule, routes and HUB’s for Niagara Falls Transit.  This message is directly from Niagara Falls Transit in response to many of the concerns we forwarded and have discussed with them.

  • The trip to/from Brock from the Target Plaza is only 20 minutes and thus, there will 19 trips provided to Brock (20 trips from Brock to NF) Monday to Thursday and 16 trips on Fridays between the communities.  Last year there were 12 and 10 respectively.
  • There are 5 Niagara Falls Transit routes servicing the Target Plaza with a quick 15 minute trip connection to Main & Ferry Hub running every 30 minutes, where there are 5 other Niagara Falls Transit routes.  Thus, dependent on where the customer is travelling, they will have far more options to get around to all points in Niagara Falls.
  • The Brock service will stop for students at Dorchester and Thoroldstone Rd, in addition to Thoroldstone Rd. and Montrose, Kalar, and Garner Roads’.  Thus, students west of the QEW should just travel north on routes 113 and 105 to catch the bus on Thoroldstone Rd.
  • The first trip of every day commences in Chippawa to allow those students to get to Brock for 8 a.m. classes.  The remainder of the day the buses travel to/from Target Plaza.
  • Historically, students who did not live along the previous routing were quite upset at their lack of access to the Brock Rapid service.  Students who lived in the emerging residential areas west of the QEW had difficulty getting to and from the buses in the morning going to campus, and making connections to get back home… the new Niagara Falls Transit services in the west on of the city and greater degree of connections at Target Plaza will help mitigate these challenges.


Thank you and please remember to leave us an email when you post on the comment section so we can answer you directly or follow-up.