Help Us Bring GO & Seamless Transit to Niagara

All of Niagara’s municipalities agree that daily commuter GO Train service is important for the economic health and growth of our region. A link between the GTA and Niagara can have a significant impact on important factors like accessibility, flexibility, mobility, and affordability.

After years of studies and discussions about bringing this service to Niagara, a critical point has been reached where we need to collectively show that Niagara’s need for this service is real, that is can wait no longer, and that it will be a worthwhile investment for the province.

If you think that bringing daily commuter GO Train service to Niagara is important, make your voice heard. Help us make an impact by writing a letter of support towards this important initiative.

The angle we are taking and points we have been pushing are:
• More access to travel home to see family;
• Brock would be more accessible and appeal to more students;
• Access to more job opportunities;
• More co-op possibilities;
• More internship opportunities;
• Improved commute times;
• Niagara would become a more attractive place to start a business;
• Expand course options by increasing access to other post-secondary institutions;
• Access to Brock for summer courses while living at home; and
• Help the environment by taking cars off the QEW

If you letter of support could touch on one or more of these areas or if you see other benefits that we have not pointed out, please by all means include them in your letter.

You can submit your letter of support below:  If you wish to submit a formal letter with no character limitations, please email Drew – [email protected]