FAQ: New Bus Routes

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New Bus Routes

Q. Why do we have new buses/changes to routes?

A. The existing routes were not meeting the needs of students to get to and from the school, as such a proposal for route redistribution was made to offer more coverage and expanded service.


Q. Did anything happen to the 122 Brock-Pen Centre?

A. Yes, it now starts two hours earlier on Saturday, now at 8:15am!


Q. What happened to the Tupper Bus?

A. It was replaced, for two new routes! The 29 (Brock-Keefer) will provide service to all students living in the Confederation Heights Area in Thorold (Keefer, Summers, Confederation, Abby, etc).  The 30 (Brock-Sullivan) provides service to Tupper Drive, as well as large portions of Richmond Street, Pine Street and Collier Road not previously covered by any bus.  The 21 (Brock-Confederation) will also continue to run the same route as last year, acting as additional transportation should one of the two routes listed above not meet your needs.


Q. What about people who live in East St. Catharines? (Oakdale Ave/Merritt Street)

A. If you were sick of taking two buses to get home after 6pm during the week, then rejoice! Now there is an expanded version of the 28 (Brock-Towpath) which will run a modified looped route through East St. Catharines as the 128 (Brock-Towpath-Merriton), which will run every hour Monday-Thursday until shortly after 10pm.


Q. Does the 28 (Brock-Towpath) run later now?

A. Yes, as outlined above the service also doubles to provide transit to East St. Catharines after 6pm, and will run every hour.


Q. Why are the buses at different times now?

A. In order to help alleviate congestion at the base of the Brock Tower, as well as allowing students to get to and from their classes with enough time to spare to board the bus. In addition it provides enough time to get to class without arriving a few minutes late. This means all Thorold buses will depart at :05 and :35  from the tower(28, 29 and 30), the 21 Brock-Confederation will continue as it did last year.  The West-Brock Commuter will depart at the :20 and :50 from the tower.


Q. Were any changes made to the 124?

A. Yes, the 124 (Brock-Glendale) will now operate at full service, from 7:40 am until 10:04pm


Q. Why do the buses stop early on Friday now?

A. Many buses have always stopped early on Friday’s due to no classes being scheduled after 5pm.  (West-Brock Commuter and the former Tupper Extra did not run past 6pm previously).  The 16 (Brock-Glenridge), 122 (Brock-Pen Centre) and the 21 (Brock-Confederation) will still run through Friday evenings.


Q. Will any buses be run during the reading weeks?

A. Due to the lack of students during the winter reading week, and assumed lack during the new Fall reading week, buses will revert to the level of service offered during the May-August period for both the Fall and Winter breaks.