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Student Executives attend the CASA Foundations Conference


Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) President, James Maxwell-Barillas along with Vice President, External Affairs, (VPEA), Alyssa Hall will attend the Canadian Alliance of Student Association (CASA), Foundations Conference, May 15 to 19 in Ottawa. 

The Foundations Conference marks the first conference of the year for CASA, where student leaders gather to learn fundamental tools to advocate to Government on behalf of their peers. CASA is a non-for-profit organization, that focuses exclusively on post-secondary and student related issues, and brings these issues directly to members of Parliament, Senators, and Ministers to lobby for policy changes students need. At this conference, James and Alyssa will be discussing the challenges that affect Brock students. 

“Students face numerous challenges, including mental health issues, accessibility, and affordable high-quality education,” said BUSU President, James Maxwell-Barillas “By advocating on behalf of Brock University undergraduate students, we can ensure they receive the support they need to succeed academically.”  

As BUSU’s advocacy efforts have proven in the past, continuing to lobby at university level and all levels of government is essential. Regarding mental health support, for example, it can lead to increased funding and education, as well as access to supports for students during times of academic pressure. BUSU was proud to initiate a new program on campus that provided students access to two mental health nurses back in 2019 – a service students continue to receive today. Raising awareness of the mental health challenges students are facing is one priority James and Alyssa look forward to championing during their term.  

“I am super excited to be given the opportunity to represent Brock students at the federal level,” said VPEA, Alyssa Hall. “As an organization, CASA gives student leaders the opportunity to voice their concerns and to address some of the challenges impacting university students throughout the country.”  

If you have any questions regarding BUSU’s advocacy priorities, or about CASA, please contact Alyssa Hall, VPEA via email  

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