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BUSU is looking for new WUSC Committee recruits


Each year Brock University Students Union (BUSU) partners with The Brock WUSC to sponsor new Canadian residents so they may continue their studies at Brock. BUSU onboards 1-2 new Canadian students per year and supports them throughout the entirety of their studies. This year BUSU is looking for new WUSC Committee recruits to mentor and aid incoming refugee students for the 2023/2024 school year.

As a WUSC mentor, you will help aid these students with social and academic support. Assist them with making new friends, navigate their way through Brock and St. Catharines, connect them with clubs, sports as well as academic resources and advisors to help provide student success and a fun Brock University experience.

“Being a mentor for new Canadian students is not only a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, but It’s an opportunity to learn, grow and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and experiences,” said Yasmine Hejazi, Student Services. “By providing guidance, support, and friendship, you can create a safe space for these students to flourish in their new educational environment.”

World University Services Canada (WUSC) is a Canadian non-profit organization that partners with universities across the country in order to achieve its goals of increasing youth education, empowerment, and economic opportunity. The Brock WUSC Local Committee focuses primarily on the WUSC Student Refugee Program (SRP). The Brock WUSC also hosts events to raise awareness and funds for other WUSC programs throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a Local Committee member and leader for The BUSU/Brock WUSC – SRP Program you can Register online here.