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Esrea Ibrahim


Esrea Ibrahim (she/her) serves as the Vice President, Student Services, at BUSU. In this capacity, she oversees the diverse array of events and programs that cater to undergraduate students, including BUSU Clubs. As VPSS, Esrea works with BUSU's Events Team on the planning, coordination, and execution of key initiatives such as Welcome Week (BadgerFest), Vendor's Fair, Wellness Weeks, Frost Week, and other exciting endeavors. Additionally, she chairs the Clubs Policy Committee, ensuring the proper governance of all ratified clubs and their activities.

Beyond her role within BUSU, Esrea collaborates closely with various departments at Brock University, such as Student Life and Success, Black Student Success Centre, Human Resources and Equity, Student Wellness and Accessibility Center and International Services, to bolster student engagement and enrich the overall student experience.

Esrea, currently in her fourth year pursuing a Bachelor of Medical Sciences with a minor in Biological Sciences, brings valuable experience to the table. Having previously served on the BUSU Board of Directors and worked alongside event managers in event planning and execution, she possesses a deep understanding of BUSU's operations. Esrea's involvement with BUSU Clubs spans from active participation in a diverse range of other cultural and social clubs, to former president of the Brock Podcasts Club and founding and presiding over the Brock Sudanese Students’ Association.

Students may need to contact Esrea for:

Questions, concerns or feedback regarding events, programs, clubs and other student engagement-related topics! Email or find Esrea on Instagram at @esrea.a

A note from Esrea

Hello, Badgers!

I'm thrilled to be stepping into the role of Vice-President of Student Services, affectionately known as the VP of Fun! It's an absolute honour to be your voice for the 2024/25 academic year, and I can't wait to work with all of you to make our campus life amazing.

This year is going to be full of energy, with exciting events, captivating activities, and countless opportunities to create lasting memories. Together, let's bring the spirit of fun and friendship to our community! My mission as your VPSS is to create experiences that will be remembered for years to come. I'm here to ensure you have spaces to relax, feel welcomed, and build strong connections.

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