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James Maxwell-Barillas

James Maxwell-Barillas (he/him) is BUSU’s President. In this role, James serves as the chief spokesperson for Brock’s undergraduate student body. As President, he oversees the three Vice Presidents, whom he works closely with to provide a high-quality student experience for undergraduates attending Brock. James also sits on Brock’s Board of Trustees as voting member, and on the BUSU Board of Directors in a non-voting capacity.

James hails from Ottawa, and is in his 5th year at Brock, finishing his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He has previously worked at The Brock Press as an Assistant Sports and Wellness Editor, was a Political Science Student Representative, an OUSA Delegate, and sat on the Brock Undergraduate Students’ Administrative Council as both a Student At Large and the Faculty of Social Sciences Representative. James most recently served as the President of the Latinx & Hispanic Students’ Association, and as the Chair of the BUSU Board of Directors.

People may need to contact James for:

Any general comments, questions, or concerns about BUSU, and meeting requests.

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