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Esrea Ibrahim

BOD Candidate
Esrea Ibrahim
Hello Everyone! My name is Esrea Ibrahim,
I am a third year Medical Sciences major, minoring in Biological Sciences, and I am running for BUSU Board of Directors in the upcoming election.

I am thrilled to have the chance to support and advocate for my fellow students as a dedicated leader.I have been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at Brock University, including BUSU Clubs, ClubsFair, and serving as president of the BrockU Sudanese Student Association. These experiences have allowed me to develop strong leadership skills and an understanding of the needs and concerns of my peers.

When elected, I promise to speak up for all students' interests and cooperate with the student council to tackle the most pressing problems. My top priorities include: Student Well-Being, Academic Excellence, Student engagement, and Diversity/Inclusion and I am determined to find innovative solutions to address these challenges. I am dedicated to being available and responsive to your thoughts and concerns because I think open communication and transparency are crucial for a successful Student Union at Brock.

With your help, I am sure we can improve things at Brock University and make it a better place for everyone to learn.I appreciate you thinking of me to represent you. I'm thrilled to help you and work with you to accomplish our common objectives.