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Binoy Mahmud

BOD Candidate
Binoy Mahmud


Binoy MahmudMy name is Binoy Mahmud, and I am honored to present myself as a candidate for the Board of Directors. I am currently in my third year of Business Communication and have a strong track record of leadership and service to our student community.

My previous experiences in BUSU have equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively fulfill the duties of a Board of Director. As a BUSAC counselor, I have been representing the student voice and advocating for their rights. I am currently serving as the Vice Chair of the CPC Committee and the Chair of Elections and Referendum Committee.

Moreover, I was also a member of the VPFA Advisory Committee in my first year. My ultimate goal is to serve our students and to be their voice on the Board of Directors. I am passionate about advocating for their needs and concerns, and I am confident that my experience and leadership skills make me the ideal candidate for this position.