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Madeha Nur


BOD Candidate
Madeha Nur

Madeha NurHello Badgers! My name is Madeha Nur. I am an international students enrolled into the Leadership in Community Based Education Certificate Program, offered by the Faculty of Education.

I am excited to be one of the candidate running for the BUSU Board of Directors. As a Brock university student, I try to avail the services as much as possible. I have been elected as the BUSAC Faculty of Education Representative and have recently opened a new club by becoming the Vice President of Brock Winter Club.

My skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership will makes me a strong candidate for the position. My objective for the role are to encourage students to get involved with BUSU and have a more culturally diverse group within BUSU and making sure that students voices are heard. Therefore, I am hoping to speak for a larger group of students during every board meeting.

Feel free to reach out to me. I promise I am fun and approachable :)

Instagram: madehanur Email: