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Charlie Martin


BOD Candidate
Charlie Martin

Charlie MartinCharlie Martin is a second-year political science student with a history minor and is part of the Law Plus program. As a student highly committed to student leadership and advocacy work at Brock, he is incredibly motivated to run for a seat on the BUSU Board of Directors.

Since starting at Brock, Charlie has harnessed his leadership skills through BUSAC as a first-year representative and Student-At Large. He also demonstrated his dedication to improving the student experience at Brock through policy-making as a BUSU Delegate for the Ontario University Student Alliance (OUSA) Fall General Assembly in 2022.

As an advocate for justice, Charlie participates as a member of Brock's Student Conduct Council (SCC), which aims to reintegrate students who commit non-academic infractions through a restorative justice approach. In working with the SCC, Charlie has learned how to assist students in overcoming difficult situations while prioritizing the well-being of the Brock community as a whole.