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Brielle Kaminsky

BOD Candidate 2 Year

Hey Badgers!

My name is Brielle and I would be honoured to serve on the BUSU Board of Directors to represent you. I am passionate about community service and accountability. There are many ways BUSU can serve students, and my goal is to make sure these initiatives are undertaken in a responsible, transparent, and ethical manner. I bring a lot of experience in student representation. I am the longest running undergrad BUSAC member, and I’ve participated in many BUSAC committees, including as Chair of the Appeals Committee. Furthermore, I have experience representing students as part of the Advisory Committee on the Dean, Faculty of Education and on the Dean, Faculty of Humanities. 

My other Brock leadership experiences include:  

  •  Brock Golden Key President 
  •  Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Vice-President  
  •  Student Life Peer Mentor 
  •  Foundations in Leadership Facilitator  
  •  Student Life Events/Programs Assistant  
  •  Brock Cares Day Leader  
  •  Founder/Leader of Days for Girls Brock Chapter  
  •  Brock International Engagement Assistant  
  •  Brock Reading Week Trip Leader/Organizer  
  •  Brock French Club President  
  •  Humanities Faculty Representative  
  •  Brock Teacher Candidate Liaison Council  
  •  Marilyn I. Walker Campus Music Student Representative  
  •  Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA)  
  •  BUSAC Finance, Planning and Sustainability Committee Vice-Chair

You deserve to have strong representation! Thank you.