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BadgerFest begins this Sunday! What do you need to know?


Brock is buzzing with excitement with the arrival of students back on campus. The first week of university is an exciting time for new and returning students – It is also a week you do not want to miss.

Brock University Student Union (BUSU) has a line-up of events for students to socialize, meet fellow Badgers and begin what is set to be an unforgettable year.

“BUSU’s Welcome Week, better known as BadgerFest, will have a lineup of fun and exciting events as well as important information for students,” said BUSU Vice-President, Student Services, Aishah Sonekan.

BadgerFest will run from Sunday, Sept. 3 to Sept. 8 and include a huge Glow Party featuring Disco Lines, Magic Show, Community Fair, Inflatables Course, Isaac’s First Shot, Movie Night, Sexy Bingo with Vanity a la Mode and more.

What do you need to know about BadgerFest?


Who can attend BadgerFest?

BadgerFest is for Brock University students only – whether you are a new or returning student, you are welcome to attend all events. Make sure you bring your student card and check out the event listing on the website, as you may need to register for some events in advance.

Event Line up

All events are listed on the BUSU website. You must be a Brock student to attend Badgerfest events. Some events are limited in space and ticket registration is required. For easy check in on ticketed events, have your ticket receipt ready and a valid Brock ID as well as matching government ID for those 19+ events.

Is there a cost for events?

Almost all Badgerfest events are completely free for Brock students. Occasionally, there will be a small entry fee, such as $5 cover for the First Shot at Isaac’s. Specific event information is available on the Badgerfest website.

Do I need my Student Card to attend Badgerfest?

Yes. BadgerFest is exclusively for Brock University Students. If you have your student ID, bring it with you for access to events. If you have not yet received your student ID, you will need to show proof that you are a Brock student (student portal online and matching government ID. Photocopies will not be accepted). Need your student card? Visit the Brock card office located at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre Box Office. 

Can I grab my bus pass during Badgerfest?

Yes. You can grab your Universal Bus Pass during the Community Fair, Sept. 5 and 6. You must have your Student Card prior to picking up your bus pass. Need your student card? Visit the Brock website here to learn how.

Am I allowed to bring a backpack or large bag to events?

This depends on the event. Backpacks and large bags will not be permitted in the Glow Party or First Shot at Isaac’s. You will be refused entry by security. There may also be some other events where you will not be allowed a large bag. Check the details of each event on the BUSU Website.

What if I have a question about event accessibility?

BUSU strives to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all Brock students to engage fully. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about event accessibility, please email


Don’t miss BadgerFest Sept. 3 to 8! Visit for more information on each event. Sign up for email notifications to be the first to know about special announcements and follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop on special announcements, giveaways and more.


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