Isaac’s Army by Paul Dermody

What is Isaac’s Army?

It was 2008 and the Brock Badgers Men’s Basketball team had just won their second National Championship. Led by captain and point guard Brad Rootes the team took to the top of the national rankings. If his on the court accomplishments were not enough, Brad also made an impact off the court alongside a classmate and fellow sport enthusiast Will Crothers.

Brock has always had its’ athletic support groups like the Bucketheads of the early 90’s, and then the Bread Brothers, who were upperclassmen that would through loaves of bread onto the court after Brock would drain a 3 pointer. But like the revolving door that university is, nothing ever really caught on and stuck.

Fast forward to the first semester of 2007/2008. The Men’s Basketball team was already showing great promise but no one was expecting what was about to happen in a few months’ time. There was one very visible problem, the empty stands.

Will Crothers remembers that, “Isaac’s Army came as a result of two people having the same idea and goals for the fan culture of Badgers Basketball should be. In hindsight, my personal inspiration for trying to make a change at improving school spirit came from three experiences collectively. I’d say the first was seeing the fan culture that existed in Windsor. Opposing teams basically had to move their bench onto the court to hear over the fans, and the excitement in the stands was amazing. The second was seeing that such an atmosphere was possible at Brock games. Watching us draw a massive crowd and breaking Carleton’s 87-game winning streak in a packed Bob Davis Gymnasium in 2006. The third was seeing McMaster draw a large crowd to our home court that year, and wanting to make sure that we supplied the sixth man from then on”. From there Isaac’s Army was born.

Since then Isaac’s Army has been adopted by the Brock University Students’ Union as a Coordinator position for everything Brock, club and athletics alike. Since last year, Isaac`s Army has begun to support all of Brock Athletics, as well as club teams. There have been three Coordinators acting as Isaac’s Army head.  They include, Curtis Bell, Camilo Chacon, and now myself Paul Dermody. We all have brought something different to the position of Isaac’s Army Coordinator, but have all had the same vision in mind. Creating a stronger fan-base at all Brock events, athletic and club teams alike.

Although we are still a young school and a young support group, we strive to be the best we can. This is seen by our outstanding fans that pack either it be the Community Park, the Seymore Hannah Centre or the Bob Davis Gymnasium.

Our fans are as fierce as our name schools name. We are The Army, and We are the Badgers.


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