TWIB – #8 November 19th Meeting Preview

Hello Students!

The second last BUSAC meeting of the first term is happening this Wednesday. What’s on the agenda? I’ll break it down for you…

-BUSAC will hear a presentation from BUSU’s auditors. Once the audited financial statement is accepted, it will be uploaded to the BUSU website.

-All the Kings Men Theatre Co (ATKM), a club that started last year, will be requesting $2,594.07 from the Clubs Levy to fund their main stage production “The Lion in Winter” by James Goldman. ATKM also runs high school workshops to help educate students as well as raise money for their club. For more information, and to purchase tickets to their show, visit

-Playmakers, another club started last year, will be requesting $1,706.14 from the Clubs Levy to purchase prizes and additional materials for their sports tournaments. The money they raise from their tournaments goes to providing athletic resources to those less fortunate. Their tournaments last year, and their soccer tournament this year were a huge success. On November 21st they will be hosting a basketball tournament – check out their Facebook page to find out how you can register:

-A student at large will be approved to sit on the Finance Committee

-A BUSAC councilor will be elected to the Appeals Committee and the Hiring Committee to replace councillors who are no longer on council.

BUSAC meetings are open to the public and take place on the 13th floor boardroom of the Schmon Tower every other Wednesday at 7pm.

If you cannot make it, you can stream live via BrockTV at

Hope to see you there!
-Kayleigh Munro, Deputy Speaker