Carole Moss

“I have served as the Student Ombudsperson within the Brock Community since 2006. Myeducation background includes BA (honours) in Psychology with a minor in Criminology and Moral Regulation. Currently, I am nearing completion of an MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock University. I’m honoured to have become the first Certified Organizational Ombudsperson Practitioner in Canada through the International Ombudsman Association (IOA). I hold memberships with the IOA, the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons and the Forum of Canadian Ombudsmen.”


“Each year, the Ombuds Office takes on a part-time student or “Ombuddy”, to offer peer-peer advice and guidance about University culture and practices. The Ombuddy helps to promote the services of the Ombuds Office and acts as sources of support in that the Ombuddy is a University Official who may attend various meetings with other students on campus.”

Carole Moss, Ombuds Officer

Carole Moss, Ombuds Officer

What is an Ombudsperson?

“The Ombudsperson is a neutral party who advocates for fair policies, procedures, practices and decision-making on campus. We are a safe space to voice concerns and gather information on available options as we are not required to notify University administrators, being an informal channel of resolution.”

The Ombudsperson Will:

  • Listen and help to analyze the problem or complaint;
  • Identify and explain relevant policies and procedures;
  • Provide understanding of the University system;
  • Help to define and evaluate options;
  • Manage conflicts;
  • Discuss productive ways to communicate; and
  • Help you resolve problems informally.

The Ombudsperson May:

  • Inquire about a problem, complaint, or concern;
  • Mediate conflicts;
  • Begin discussions with other people or departments involved (only with your permission);
  • Make referrals to other campus and community resources; and
  • Recommend changes in University policies or procedures.

Common Concerns

Graduates International Students
Academic Misconduct Charge/Appeal Academic Misconduct Charge/Appeal
Grade/Evaluation Concerns Involuntary Withdrawal
Supervisory/Committee Concerns Help navigating University Policies and Procedures
Involuntary Withdrawal Help interpreting Academic Decisions and Outcomes
Conflict Coaching Help writing formal letters and communicating to University Staff.
Funding Issues
Employment Grievances