Have a question about BadgerFest and not sure where to find the answer? You’re not alone! Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Welcome Week is the first week of your Brock University career. It’s a jam-packed week of events, fairs, volunteering opportunities, etc. to get you orientated with the Brock community, your Faculty and campus.

BadgerFest is comprised of the Brock University Students’ Union (aka BUSU) events that take place throughout the week.

Some BadgerFest events are primarily designed for first year students, but current students are welcome at all BadgerFest events.

Yes. All Welcome Week events are permitted to Brock students only.

You are required to wear a mask during events. Hand sanitizer will be provided at entrance and exit. Please maintain a physical distance of 2m between you and other participants where possible. In-person events have a 100 person capacity limit. Only 20 people allowed on the Isaac’s Roller Rink at a time. If you registered via ExperienceBU for an event, you must check-in using your Student Event Pass, which you can download to your phone at ExperienceBU. Watch this Student Event Pass how-to.

No, there is a mix on in-person and virtual events for students in 2021. There will be COVID-19 Health and Safety protocols in place at all events, but if you prefer to participate from home there are opportunities to do that.

Yes. Welcome Week is going to be one of the best times of your Brock experience and to ensure this we really want to make sure that everyone is treated with respect, dignity and is safe at all times. We ask that throughout the week you show the same respect to staff, volunteers, security and your fellow Badgers that they will show you.

Over and above these basic principles, BadgerFest is a fun event where people different races, religions, cultures, belief systems, sexual orientations and walks of life come together as the Brock Community. With this said, we ask that you be mindful of certain sensitivities and appropriateness of what you wear to events.

We ask that you do not appropriate others cultures as fashion statements. For those who aren’t aware, cultural appropriation occurs when individuals borrow certain cultural symbols – including bindis, headdresses, etc. – for reasons outside of the signified culture. It is disrespectful to wear cultural items as a fashion statement, and many music festivals around the world have prohibited all kinds of appropriation.

BadgerFest will be doing the same and the event should be a positive space for every student attending, so please think twice before wearing an item that could offend someone.

No! BadgerFest takes a lot of planning, and only confirmed events are added to the schedule. You can expect updates throughout the summer.

BUSU is committed to running events that are inclusive to all Brock students. For any accessibility concerns or questions, please email our Director, Operations, Kate Swiatek.