Brock Sudanese Students' Association


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A little bit about us...

The main of this goal is to bring the sudanese culture to life at Brock and create an awareness to start bring sudanese student association to all universities and colleges in Ontario. There are so many Sudanese individuals that feel like the word is hidden and not enough people know do not know anything about the sudanese culture. My focus is to be the voice of the people and let our hidden voices be heard, I want to shine light on the sudanese culture, and be the voice of the people. I think this club would be a great opportunity to host events and purse activities about community. This club is open to everyone, and not just sudanese individuals, anyone that wants to gain knowledge or be part of the culture or support the club, everyone is more than welcome. I think club will also embrace my leadership abilities, and bring my and other members ideas to life. I will love to take the opportunity to establish new goals, and new connections with students, faculty, and staff, outside alumni and future sponsors.


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