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BUSU will once again offer a Free Legal Clinic for Brock Students

This will mark the second year BUSU and Niagara Community Legal Clinic (NCLC) will partner together and provide Brock University Students with much needed free legal advice. The clinic was spearheaded by Andrea LePage, 2022/23 BUSU Vice President, University Affairs (VPUA), deciding to continue this program was a priority for current VPUA, Carleigh Charlton. "This partnership with the NCLC was able to help so many students last year, and we certainly recognized the need to return this service to students," said Carleigh, VPUA. 

Legal issues can arise unexpectedly, and students can find themselves in new and challenging situations that require professional guidance and support. These can include issues related to housing, contracts, employment, or even personal safety.

"It can be incredibly intimidating and overwhelming to navigate these complex situations on your own, and many students, especially those new to the region, may not be aware of the community services they can turn to," said Charlton. "Bridging this gap for students not only reduces financial burdens, but helps reduce the inequities so often seen and perpetuated by our legal system. I'm really hopeful for the opportunity we have to continue to support students when they need it most."

Brock students looking for advice on issues such as tenant and housing rights, employment law and human rights law can book a free appointment through the BUSU website. Appointments will be conducted bi-weekly with NCLC on campus.

NCLC is a non-profit community legal clinic that provides legal services to Niagara and surrounding residents.


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