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2024 Election and Referendum Results

Student elections concluded on Thursday, Feb. 15 at 9:00pm. We are pleased to announce your new student body representatives. 

BUSU’s Board of Directors (1 year seats)
These seats were acclaimed. Each candidate had a yes/no ballot question. 
Charlie Martin - 1336 YES votes (80.7%)
Dina Ibrahim – 1394 YES votes (82.2%)
Randa Joatar – 1442 YES votes (81.9%)
Ian Bhimani – 1087 YES votes (68.3%)
Mohiz Imtiaz – 1132 YES votes (69.4%)

BUSU’s Board of Directors (2 year seats).
There were 6 candidates. The following 4 were elected:
Irene Leela Charley – 919 votes (24%)
Mohamed Ahmed – 668 votes (17.4%)
Tomas Oviedo – 618 votes (16.1%)
Charles Liao – 585 (15.3%)
Brock University Senate (2 Year Seats).
There were 6 candidates. The following 3 were elected:
Asmara Kaleem – 784 votes (21.1%)
Tochukwu Daniel – 751 votes (20.2%)
John Ross – 735 votes (19.7%)

The new BUSU Board of Directors will begin their term May 1 with new Senators beginning their term in June. Each will meet monthly throughout the year. Minutes from each meeting will be linked on the BUSU website Governance page.

The ballot also included a referendum regarding changes to the terms of our new student centre levy. With 15.09% of students voting, quorum was reached and with 79.9% of students voting YES, the referendum has PASSED. For more information and details on the next steps for this project, please visit the BUSU website.

With elections completed you can read more about your new BUSU Board of Directors on our Governance page starting May 1st, provide ideas to improve your student experience via the Have Your Say page on our site, and engage with BUSU on Instagram @BrockBUSU.

Thank you to everyone who voted!

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