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When it comes to decisions that effect you as a Brock student, you will be asked to participate in referendums. These are generally held at the same time as student elections, in February and October, and you will vote via an email sent to your Brock email address. For information on the latest BUSU Referendum, see information below.

On Feb. 17, 2022, the referendum to increase support for Aboriginal Student Services (AbSS) passed - 64.5% yes. You can find out more about this referendum below.

Vote Yes!

This February the referendum is proposing a small per credit fee to assist Aboriginal Student Services (AbSS) in increasing their capacity to support Indigenous students, in line with the BUSU Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

AbSS' goal is to help all Indigenous students make the transition to university and to enhance their academic success and cultural identity at Brock. They are also open to non-Indigenous students interested in learning about Indigenous culture. AbSS is currently entirely funded by grants from the Indigenous Education Branch of Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities and is one of few student-centered supports that receives no money from the university.

Key initiatives this fee would support are:

  • Creating six student jobs
  • Hiring a full-time, culturally-appropriate trauma-informed counselor
  • Facilitating cultural connections through learning opportunities and increased Elder support
  • Increasing programming that bridges the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, such as social and co-learning events

Reconciliation is all the more important as the recovery of thousands of Indigenous children all across Turtle Island continues. Now, more than ever, our Indigenous peers need all of us to stand #SideBySide as we forge a path forward that is more inclusive and equitable, together.

Stay tuned to our dedicated referendum Instagram account @voteyesabss or the BUSU account(@brockbusu) and sign up for our newsletters for the latest news on elections and referendums.