Do you support the changes to the BUSU Bylaws as outlined in the updated Memorandum of Understanding?

Hi Badgers! This referendum is proposing changes to BUSU Bylaws (one of our governing documents). By voting YES, you are supporting the ability of our Board of Directors to lower ancillary fees and fill vacancies, changing up the structure of our Annual General Meeting and clarifying the role of our council (BUSAC).

The most exciting change being proposed is an increase in the size of our Board of Directors. We want an additional five seats available for students like YOU to get involved with BUSU. This will increase our Board from eight to 13.

Sitting on the BUSU Board gives you an opportunity to meet new friends, gain a lot of leadership and Board experience and gives you the ability to play a part in the oversight of your student union.

When you open your ballot on Oct. 26 to 28, vote YES!

Memorandum of Understanding