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Andrew Valero Bunke

Hello, my name is Andrew Valero Bunke. I was born and raised in Burlington and I now live in St. Catharines. I am currently majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Canadian Politics. I am a highly motivated individual, who will stop at nothing until my job is done. I have good leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, with a passion to help others. Although Brock University has given me nothing but a great experience, there is always room for improvement. While attending Brock University, I have spoken to many students regarding how they would like to see Brock improved. Based upon this input, I have been brought to the “three pillars” of my campaign. Firstly, Representation. Students at Brock University must be allowed to voice their concerns and have a say. As Senator I will be that voice for all students. Secondly, Affordability. We can all agree that University is an extremely expensive experience even for wealthier people. Students cannot be left behind in terms of financial relief during these difficult times. As Senator I will advocate, wherever possible, for reduced fees and improved financial supports for Brock students. Lastly, Equality & Inclusivity. Students should be treated fairly and equally, free of prejudice, and be allowed to express themselves as who they are. As Senator I will continuously fight for inclusivity & equality for all Brock students. With your vote, together, we can make Brock University truly spectacular.

Shashwat Lad

Hey Badgers, I am Shashwat Lad and I’m pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration (2nd year). I am running for the position of Student Senator. I want to be the voice of the students and as a senator, I will make sure to fulfill all my responsibilities. I want every student’s views, opinions and problems to be represented and I want to be the candidate to do that with full accountability and transparency. I am not only a good leader but also have great passion, communication, and social skills that are right for the position. I am a community-minded person and at Brock, I have enjoyed making connections with everyone including students and faculty. Brock makes the life of an undergraduate student easy, fun, and remarkable to give them the best experience of the university. I aspire to give the students great representation and act as a responsible part of Brock. More than ever, this year we need people who would responsibly state the student’s perspective with full transparency and accountability and make sure that students get the best out of the current situation. I have the enthusiasm, integrity, leadership, and resourcefulness to make a good candidate.

I am ready to give my commitment to this role with utmost honesty and I will be advocating accountability, transparency, and representation. For a great leader with integrity and confidence, I appeal to you to elect me as your student senate for the year 2020-2021 to get the best experiences of Brock university.

Faculty of Education Rep


Connor Sclater

Hey Badgers, my name is Connor Sclater. I am a BPhEd/BEd Concurrent Education student in Year Six. During my time at Brock, I have successfully balanced academics, athletics, and extracurriculars. I have held Honour Roll status each year and am a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. I received a Brock University Wellness Scholarship of which I am extremely proud, as physical and mental health are personal and professional passions. I am caring, community-minded, and volunteer whenever possible. I treasure my experiences at Brock and enjoy connecting with students, faculty, and employees. Currently, I am seeking candidacy as your next BUSU Faculty of Education Student Representative. BUSU plays a major role in the lives and betterment of undergraduate students at this university and is impactful on our Brock experience. I believe that every student should have a voice. I will ensure that I am a candidate who listens and acts on your behalf. I have friends and colleagues who have been or still are involved with BUSU. Therefore, I am aware of the commitment that such a role entails. I have the enthusiasm, maturity, initiative, organization and reliability to be a positive Faculty of Education Student Representative. My abilities and dedication will benefit BUSU’s ability to support Brock students. This year, more than ever, improving students’ university experiences is essential. For a strong choice in leadership, I appreciate your vote as Faculty of Education Student Representative for 2020/2021!

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Luca Battista

My name is Luca Battista. I’m in second year Concurrent Education Intermediate/Senior, with a major in history and minor in geography. I am running for the position to represent you on BUSAC. We are the most academically diverse faculty at Brock and I am proud of it. Our diversity, has needs, we have needs; academic, financial, social and others. We must meet these needs. I will stand tall for these needs. I will not be that person going to meetings, vote in favour and leave only to use the position as status. I shall be that voice on decisions regarding our faculty and challenge decisions that go against us. I have courage, integrity and confidence to fight until our needs are met and our voice is heard. If elected, I will vigorously fight for the needs our members, bring more funding to groups associated with the faculty. We are teachers of tomorrow. Funding is needed to provide us with experiences such as conferences, social events and learning opportunities to boost our future. I will back all proposals aimed to lower fees that can be lowered. Many fees shouldn’t be paid for, especially this year. It is wrong we pay for them. I will standby the needs of our great faculty, to lower fees which frees money for us to take care of tuition, books, rent and costs. Elect me and together we will accomplish great things with a united faculty with a strong voice standing tall for us.

Sharen Rasathurai

Hey Badgers! My name is Sharen Rasathurai and I am currently in my third year in the Concurrent Education Program- Junior/ Intermediate stream with a major in French! I am running to be your Faculty of Education Representative because:

Hey Badgers, like I said,
I’m Sharen and I’m running to be your Rep of Ed.
Why you should vote for me is a good question,
Just sit back and listen to what I have to mention.
I will listen to all your problems
Hear them out and we will solve them.
My main role is to ensure happiness for students
That being said, let’s make some improvements.
Let’s start off by working together,
Making effective change and aiming for better.
Fighting for our issues to our Student Union,
Means fighting for a more inclusive institution.
I am passionate, hardworking and organized,
I will make sure that you and your voices are recognized!
So, remember Badgers vote for me,
Someone who will help you get an enjoyable degree.
By being represented and cared for at our school
I can assure you it is the best rule
So, vote Sharen for Rep of Ed
I will make sure all your issues are put to bed.

All rhymes aside, I hope you can see how passionate I am to make your voices heard and to help you all succeed. Thank you Badgers for your time and I hope you vote #SharenForRepOfEd!

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