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Mario Berro

Hello Badgers,

My name is Mario Berro, and I am currently in my 3rd year of Medical Sciences. During the Past Year I had the Honor of serving you as a member of BUSAC(Brock University Student Administrative Council) as well as a candidate for the Position of VPFA in the recent February elections. During the election, I was in 9 votes away and unfortunately, I was not elected for the position but that did not stop me because my goal is to do my best to serve the students at Brock University. I am here again, running for the position of SENATE and I will do all that is in my power to make the student experience a memorable one.


Ria Choksi

Hey Badgers! My name is Ria Choksi and I am a second year Medical Science student. My favourite thing in the world is soccer so if you ever want to play or talk Futball I’m your girl! Other than that I enjoy talking to people and making more friends so don’t be afraid to reach out at anytime I would love you build a connection with you and maybe we can go on a long drive and vibe to some amazing music! I have had the honour of serving you all as a Student at Large Representative, Indian Student Association Vice President, Brock Cancer Awareness Society Event Coordinator, Gujarati Student Association VP of Events, Brock First Aid Team Member and been involved in many other clubs across campus. All this has taught me what it means to represent us as students and I constantly look for leadership roles which allow me to be a voice for us all. I look forward to the honour of serving you all once again and getting to know know you better. Stay safe, stay home, stay positive.

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Benjamin Johnson

Hey Badgers,

Thank you for making an informed vote! I’ve been representing you on Senate for the past year. Please contact me to share ANY questions/concerns/ideas: @bencares_
[email protected]

Please Re-Elect #BenCares based on experience & results:

*Student Representative Positions:
—Brock Student Senator
—Undergrad Rep, Senate Student Appeals Board
—Undergrad Rep, Senate Teaching/Learning Policy Committee
—Undergrad Rep, VP-Administration Hiring Committee
—Undergrad Rep, Campus Climate Assessment
—Undergrad Rep, Psychology Department
—3 years as a Student-at-Large Rep, Student Council (BUSAC)
—Chair, BUSU Governance Committee
—Chair, BUSU Appeals Review Committee
—Co-Chair, Gender/Sexual Violence Steering Committee
—2-time OUSA Delegate
*Badger Mascot (Boomer)
*Community Volunteer (e.g., Brock Cares Day & Alternative Reading Week)
*French Club Executive & President
*Unconscious Bias Training with Human Rights & Equity
—Niagara Student Leadership Summit
—Student Justice Centre Anti-Oppression Workshop Series
—BrockU Talks
*On-campus jobs:
—Leadership Development Facilitator
—Brock International Program Assistant (ESL)
—Student Life Peer Mentor (BU4U & SOCS)
—Youth University
—Brock Street Team

*100% Senate Attendance Record
*Alternative Grading Options
*Engaged 2000+ Student Responses for the Campus Climate Survey
*BUSAC Policy Reforms
*Re­structured BUSAC Committees
*Published with OUSA, The Brock Press, Brock Health, etc.
—BUSAC Councillor of the Year
—Student Life Outstanding Engagement Award
—Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum Certificate
—Platinum Level, Foundations in Leadership

—Enhance training for student senators
—Increase communication about Brock’s governance
—Diverse & simple student feedback channels
—Promote greater Program & Faculty representation (e.g., Marilyn I. Walker & Hamilton campuses)

Please allow me to continue serving YOU....remember, #BenCares!

Thank you!

Daniel Krowchuk

Hello Badgers. My name is Daniel Krowchuk and I want to represent you on Senate. As a current At-Large Representative on BUSAC, and past first year representative, I have experience in representing students. I plan to use that experience to successfully represent you this year at Senate! My promise to you is to provide growth in your education experience. As a student senator I would be representing your voice on issues to do with your academics, such as programs, virtual vs in class learning, and much more. I vow to work to the best of my abilities to fight for what Badgers believe in. My platform for the senate campaign will include a breakdown of what I see as top priorities at Brock as well as how I plan to be accessible to students. As a Brock student I have found the pandemic has made everything in life a little more challenging. My goal as a senator is to push Brock to mediate these challenges through change. Earlier syllabus release dates, more online accessible textbooks, and clearer testing requirements are all ideas that I support and would look to be involved in making them happen. I hope from reading about what I promise to you as a Brock student, that you can make an informed decision on who you will vote to be your representative on Senate. Feel free to reach out to me anytime by email ([email protected]) or otherwise as listed!

Adithya Sethumadhavan

Hello Badgers! My name is Adithya Sethumadhavan and I am a second-year Biochemistry Major. In the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving the student body as a: First-year representative on BUSAC, Math and Science Faculty Representative on BUSAC, International Student Ambassador for Brock University.

This year, we as students faced many unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to online school which severely impacted both co-op and educational facilities.

As a student senator, I plan to prioritize advocating for the following:

IMPROVE student experience by sitting on the Undergraduate Program Committee to advocate for student wellness and accessibility

REFINE educational facilities in an online environment in order to provide students with the support they need,

ENHANCE co-op services for both domestic and international students as the pandemic has most certainly impacted job opportunities for co-op students, making it much harder for them to complete their program.

These platform points are attainable over two years as it provides enough time for Brock to fully recover from the pandemic while still delivering a high quality of education to students.

I strongly believe that my experiences on BUSAC as a First-year Representative and Faculty representative, an executive in multiple clubs, a student in two faculties and as a Student Ambassador will aid me in representing and advocating for a significant population of the student body.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read about my platform, I look forward to representing you!

Salman Siraj

Hello Badgers, Salman here! I hope you are all doing great and staying safe.

As students of Brock University, I believe we all share a common desire - to attain a quality educational experience we will not only cherish and remember for years to come but one that will help in shaping our futures for the better. True education is not the mere memorization of facts, but an experience that teaches us discipline, makes us wiser and equips us in tackling life's problems. In short, it brings out the confident intellectual within you.

I have worked with top 10 financial and accounting firms, large charity organizations and served on the economic think tank of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party. I am fortunate to have received personal commendations from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan for my public service. I am no stranger to the political arena, nor do I shy away from promoting the public interest.

Combining my political experience with my views on education, I hold myself accountable to you. I will work with the Brock University Senate to help form academic policies that YOU want. This will be a collective effort. It's your education on the line, I believe you should have complete and transparent control over it.

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