BUSU Elections

October Election

October elections are here! Please check out the available seats and referendums you will have the chance to vote on at the end of October. If you would like to run for a position or participate in a referendum campaign, BUSU will cover your campaign costs.

Available Student Seats

We are looking to fill the following positions in the upcoming October election:


BUSU is running the following three referendums during the October election:

Each school year, BUSU hosts three elections for undergraduate students to select their representatives on the BUSU Board of Directors, the Brock University Students' Administrative Council (BUSAC) and four BUSU Executives. Students also vote on referendum questions relating to student fees or BUSU’s governing legislation.

Election Periods

October By-Election

  • The primary purpose of the October election is to fill any vacant seats throughout BUSU's representative bodies.

February Executive Election

  • The primary purpose of the February election period is to elect your Directors of the Board, who is BUSU’s highest governing body that oversees legislation, human resources, financial and legal decision. This period also elects your four student executives who are your leaders in giving you a superior student experience

March Election

  • The primary purpose for the March election period is to elect the following year's members of the Brock University Students' Administrative Council. You can learn more about BUSAC here.

Referendum Archive

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