BUSU Elections

Each school year, BUSU hosts three elections for undergraduate students to select their represtatives on the BUSU Board of Directors, the Brock University Students' Administrative Council (BUSAC) and four BUSU Executives. Students also vote on referendum questions relating to student fees or BUSU’s governing legislation.

Election Periods

October By-Election
The primary purpose of the October election is to fill any vacant seats throughout BUSU's representative bodies.
February Executive Election
The primary purpose of the February election period is to elect your Directors of the Board, who is BUSU’s highest governing body that oversees legislation, human resources, financial and legal decision. This period also elects your four student executives who are your leaders in giving you a superior student experience.
March Election
The primary purpose for the March election period is to elect the following year's members of the Brock University Students' Administrative Council. You can learn more about BUSAC here.

Board of Directors Candidates (1 Seat Available)

Ammaar Ruxshan Juhardeen
Bringing the Badgers' vision and, consequently, my vision for Brock University to fulfillment. As a director of the board, I will prioritize saving money for the student body at Brock University, by using my voice to assure that we as the Board of Directors only accept funds that are in the most beneficial interest of the student body! I am an actively involved student at Brock University as an International Ambassador. I help international students coming into Brock University be facilitating them in their academic careers. Furthermore, I also help students settle into their new lives in Canada and make it my priority that they feel at home with the vibrant, multicultural community at Brock. I understand all characteristics of the Board of Director's job requirements and consider my knowledge, skills, and abilities to empower me to be the best-suited candidate for the position. VOTE FOR TED, VOTE FOR AMMAAR.
Raman Hundal

Greetings Badgers, my name is Raman Hundal and I am a third year Business Communications student who’s been involved on campus as the Vice-President of the Indian Students Association and an active member for many other clubs. As a Director on the Board, I will be focusing on three platform points; Integrity, Representation and Accountability.

If elected, through dedication and hard work, I will make sure that each platform point is thoroughly addressed whilst pursuing students’ interests as an advocate, in and out of the board room. Your voice will be louder than ever before, as my decisions will reflect your opinions. For more information feel free to email [email protected]

Once again, let us work and grow together not just as friends, but most importantly as a family.

My name is Raman and I’m here to serve you just as this institution has served me.

BUSAC At-Large Candidates (16 Seat Available)

Aditi Gopikrishna

Hi Badgers, my name is Aditi Gopikrishna, a second year BBA student and am excited to stand in the election for the “Student-at-Large” position in BUSAC. It’s not often that you come across candidates like me who have studied in different countries, interacted with multiple cultures and have deep rooted principles and skills from similar roles in the past. My role will be to represent each one of you, ensure your rights and choices are best represented, help set the overall direction around campus, and be “your voice at the table”. If you elect me, I promise to lead from the front, work to improve student life/involvement, augment student outreach and networking, help increase club funding, advocate for student rights and mental health awareness, and raise our standards even higher!

“If you want things speedy, #VoteAditi”

IG - @aditigk24

See Aditi's campaign poster HERE

Amraaz Sodhi

Campaign bio unavailable

Ayushi Bakshi

Hey Badgers!

My name is Ayushi Bakshi and I’m a second-year international student studying Business. I’m pleased to announce that I am running for the position of Student At Large. My decision to come to Brock has been a great one so far from being involved in different clubs and activities to volunteering across campus. As Student At Large, I will have the power to represent you and vote on all the decisions being made by BUSU. I aim to foster a more accountable and transparent Brock community along with ensuring that your concerns are voiced and represented. If you have any questions or concerns, send in a DM on Instagram and I’ll be happy to answer.

Thank you!


Ayu-SHE can be your voice!

IG: Ayushi.iiii

See Ayushi's campaign poster HERE

Basit Ur Rehman

My name is Basit Ur Rehman and I am currently enrolled in 1st year undergraduate Bachelor of Accounting Program at Goodman School of Business. It is with great joy and honour that I humbly announce my candidacy for Brock University Student Administrative Council (BUSAC). This is my first year at Brock and from the first day I have felt welcomed by our friendly student leaders and by our marvelous faculty/staff. Throughout this expedition I’ve made amazing friendships, been involved in and on-campus and attended various club events. I am also elected as Event Coordinator at Pakistani Students Association for the term 2020-2021. I hope I will also gain your vote of confidence for the opportunity to represent you as a member of BUSAC for the 2020-2021 school year. Together, we will continue to enhance, create more student related events, ensuring that the best interests of our students and student satisfaction/

See Basit's campaign poster HERE

Chris Esposto

Hello Brock University Students,

As I enter my 3rd year of study in the area of Political Science, I have come to notice that I show up to school everyday, without the knowledge of what BUSU means and what it does for my day to day school life. I have decided to run for the Student At Large because I want to advocate and voice what BUSU is always doing. I had previously been the President of my Student Council in High School and am used to addressing events such as dances, sporting events and much more. I want to be your voice because I am the same student you are, and want to bring change, especially in the area of transportation (bussing and parking).

-Chris Esposto

See Chris's campaign poster HERE

Daniel Krowchuk

Hello Badgers,

                My name is Daniel Krowchuk and I want to represent you on BUSAC. As a Student at Large Representative, I will fulfil my duties of advocacy by reaching out to students and understanding what Brock wants and needs and how that applies to BUSU. I will advocate for environmentally friendly initiatives and vote regarding what is best for our Brock community. With so much uncertainty in education and political climate being present, I want to be a breath of fresh air for all of Brock as I bring new ideas to the table and emphasize clarity and openness. I love to answer questions and look forward to meeting more amazing people in my journey with BUSU and Brock as I already know will happen after being a First Year Representative and getting a taste of BUSAC.

I look forward to being in contact with all Badgers (and questions)!

See Daniel's campaign poster HERE

Emily Wright

I’m running to be your BUSAC councillor because I believe you deserve the right kind of leadership, experience and integrity to represent you at the Student Union.

As the First Year Representative 2018-2019 and Student at Large Representative 2019-2020, I’ve learned what it takes to advocate for students. I’ve been there to voice your thoughts, concerns and ideas at board meetings. For two terms I have been able to put your words into actions, and with your vote I can continue to do so.

As the President of the Brock Rotaract Club, a global humanitarian organization, I’ve been fortunate to work with our community and student volunteers as we do the right thing: lending a helping hand to those in need.

As your BUSAC councillor, I plan to continue this mission of (w)rightfully serving students by representing you.

Make the Wright Choice and vote EMILY.

See Emily's campaign poster HERE

Faten Darbaj

Hey everyone, my name is Faten and I am thrilled to announce that I am re-running for the position of Student at Large on BUSAC!

BUSAC is a student government within BUSU that overseas decisions for referendums, funding, and ensures student voices are being heard.

As a fellow Brock student who understands the necessity of responding to what truly matters to students, I will ensure that YOUR voice is heard.

Vote for me and make the faTEN/10 choice!

See Faten's campaign poster HERE

Hassaan Khan

Hey Badgers! I'm very pleased to inform you that I am running for the BUSAC position of Student at Large. I've served as an Executive Assistant for Goodman BSA, where I gained experience with administrative and organizational tasks. I have also been a part of various clubs and have volunteered extensively which have helped me develop a go-getter attitude.

If I get the opportunity to serve as your student at large representative, and actively contribute to the Brock community- I will ensure that I represent the issues that need to be raised, and  policies that need to be implemented. I plan to fulfill the needs of my fellow Badgers by maintaining active communication and cooperation. And finally, I will ensure that I remain accountable, dependable, and approachable.

Be sure to keep an eye on your emails from March 24-26th and don't forget to vote!

Isabella McLaughlin

Hi Badgers! My name is Isabella McLaughlin and I am a first year Women and Gender Studies major. My positive experience as a First Year Representative with BUSAC this year has led me to run again. I have gained valuable experience and learned so much about the Student Union organization. I have always made sure I used my voting power in the interest of the student group I was representing and took time to learn about each matter presented to me. My experience in the Niagara community with many organizations and positions like being a Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee member has given me the leadership experience necessary to succeed in this role. I am ready to work hard next year to continue all the great work we have been doing this past year. So, this year please vote Isabella McLaughlin as one of your Student-At-Large representatives.

See Isabella's campaign poster HERE

Izabelle Cruz-Bermudez

Hi, my name is Izabelle Cruz-Bermudez and I am running for a spot on the Brock University Student Administrative Council (BUSAC) as Student At Large. Although I am in my third year, it feels like my university career is just beginning! I was not an active member of the Brock University community – and I had no idea how much I was missing out on. This year I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone; I was part of the ratification process of a new cultural club, I made so many new friends, and now I am running for BUSAC Student At Large. I have learned that there is so much in store for students if they make the first jump into the unknown, and I want to bring positive change and open communication to the school community, so that everyone can have a more fulfilling experience at Brock.

See Izabelle's campaign poster HERE

James Maxwell-Barillas

Hey Badgers!

As a first year Political Science major, I am beyond thrilled to be running to represent my fellow students on the Brock University Student Administrative Council as Student At Large.

So far, in my short time here at Brock, I have been privileged to be quite involved for a first-year student. From participating in Brock Model United Nations in the first term, to writing for The Brock Press and being elected as First Year Political Science Student Representative. These experiences along with other things I have learned through my life as a multilingual person who has lived in various places and cultures makes me someone extremely well equipped to represent a large number of people.

I hope I can count on your vote to represent you in the 2020-21 academic school year as Student At Large!


James Maxwell-Barillas

See James's campaign poster HERE

Kunal Paraswani
Hey badgers! I, Kunal Puraswani, currently enrolled in the program Bachelor of Accounting aim to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our university and its many facets. I would love to have the honour of being elected as your student at large representative, which to achieve would require your generous votes. I hope to gain experience which comes with the job at hand to use it to better my skills and knowledge for future career, employment as well as do all I can to improve our campus community. I hope to uphold the vision of our student body and to listen to your new ideas to improve the future of BU.
Mario Berro

Hi Badgers!

When students speak they deserve to be heard. That's why my position as a student at large is important to YOU. Giving Brock students what they want is a passion of mine and I believe that the little things matter. I will advocate for students by standing by them and giving them what they need to secure a successful future perfect for them. I offer complete transparency with BUSAC and students, while making sure you as students benefit individually, and as a cohort. This term have your voices heard. Vote for me for the 2020-2021 term, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I am Mario Berro, and here for YOU.

See Mario's campaign poster HERE

Marissa Goulart

Hey Badgers!

I am a third-year business communications major with a minor in international relations. This past year I had the amazing opportunity of representing you, the student body, on BUSAC, as a Student at Large Representative. Through this role, I have been able to advocate as your voice on this council. I have always been passionate about helping others and would love to continue to represent Brock’s student population. I would be honoured to continue my work with BUSAC in the 2020/2021 school year.

See Marissa's campaign poster HERE

Mohamed Abdelmagid

Campaign bio unavailable

Peter Henen

My name is Peter. By being a student senator and being the Vice-President, External Affairs (VPEA), I’ve gained extensive experience.


  • Led collaboration between the International Student Centre and BUSU to create campfires – bringing hundreds of students together to share music and destress.
  • Was only person to oppose a $100 fee being charged to students.
  • Co-authored policy paper for provincial government.
  • Worked with administration to survey students on food affordability.

Moreover, I’ve been working on food affordability many years before I was in any “official position”. Examples:

  • Organizing protests and flash mobs.
  • Submitting research to administration.
  • Led team to gather 10, 000 signatures on a food affordability petition (largest petition in Brock’s history).

Progress: Through the effort of countless students, there will be a change in the food service provider (Sodexo), in the upcoming year.

I am running again because service to others brings progress, and progress is good.

Find Peter on Instagram - @Henen.Peter.

Visit Peter's Facebook page HERE

See Peter's campaign poster HERE

Prabhpuneet Kaur Wandra

Hey Badgers,

My name is Prabhpuneet Kaur and I’m a first year Community Health student at Brock. I’m running as a candidate for Student At-Large. Brock has been extremely welcoming and I’m really looking forward to give back by being the voice of the Students. I’ll make sure that there is no compromise with the transparency and accountability of the decisions. My priority is to present a trustworthy decision making and a dependable leadership for you guys. Please VOTE for PUNEET to make Brock LI-IT

See Prabpuneet's campaign poster HERE

Priya Mahar

I, Priya Mahar, am proud to announce my candidacy in the March 2020 BUSU Election as the
Student-at-Large position. As I know it plays an important role in the process of decision
making, I will surely implement and give reasons to what I believe should be added or reduced
from BUSU. If any of my fellow Brock students have questions or concerns they would like me
to bring up during the meetings, I encourage you to do so. I will get involved as much as I can to
make the next school year even better and set the direction of BUSU’s Governance to
extraordinary goals, which we will hope to achieve as a team!

See Priya's campaign poster HERE

Samarth Desai

Campaign bio unavailable

Tia Rahmoun

I am passionate about the success of Brock students, and I would be honoured to take on a leadership role in the growth of Brock students for the 2020-2021 term. My aim is to bring awareness to issues faced by individuals in our student body. Another priority of mine is to become allies with students who participate in on-campus extra curricular activities by advocating for clubs and committees. Not only am I driven by the voice of students, but my past experience in BUSU allows me to represent students in the best way possible! Giving students what they need and want is a true success in my eyes. Vote for me, and you will be glad you did. I am your listening ear, voice, and biggest supporter going into next term. I will consistently and professionally make this school a better place, from the inside out.

See Tia's campaign poster HERE


Acclaimed Positions

BUSAC Faculty Representatives

Safa Khan - Applied Health Sciences

Brielle Kaminsky - Humanities

Adithya Sethumadhavan - Math & Science

Eve Nyambija - Social Science

Kevin Diep - Goodman School of Business

*Faculty of Education representative and Extra Faculty representative did not receive any nominations


One-year term

Ben Johnson

Wendell Noel

Tapan Piyush Mehta

Two-year term

Moksh Sharma

Omer Gul

Yasmine Hejazi

Councillor Qualifications

Undergraduate students seeking to be elected to must meet the following requirements:

  • Are eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • Be registered in 0.5 credits during the 2019-2020 year
  • Hold a minimum 60 per cent average at the time of nomination
    • Must also allow the BUSU Elections team to confirm this through the University’s Registrar office
  • Must not have declared bankruptcy
  • Have not been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada

Councillors who are seeking election as a Faculty Representative must be enrolled in the particular academic faculty.

Further details regarding qualifications can be reviewed in the BUSU By-law and Policy 103.

View Policy 103 – Brock University Students’ Administrative Council


UPDATE: As of March 16, the voting members of the Brock University Students' Administrative Council (BUSAC) have voted to postpone the Student Justice Centre Referendum to the 2020 - 20201 year.

The question which would have been asked is as follows: "Do you support a $2.75 per credit fee to fund the Student Justice Centre starting Spring 2020 as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding?"

Important Dates

Nominations Open Monday, February 24
Nominations Close Friday, March 6
All-Candidates Meeting Monday, March 9 at 5:30 p.m. (ST107)
Prep Week Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 13
Campaign Period Monday, March 16 to Thursday, March 26
Voting Days Tuesday, March 24 to Thursday, March 26
Results Thursday, March 26 at 9:30 p.m.

Elections Team

Chief Returning Officer Cole Walsh Click to Email
Director, Government Operations Ron Bauman Click to Email
BUSU General Manager Robert Hilson Click to Email
Candidates and Campaign Teams are required to read and follow the rules outlined in Policy 400 (“Elections and Referenda Policy”) as well as those outlined in the Nomination Package. Any Candidate or Campaign Team Member found in violation of the policy and supporting rules will be issued a warning or sanction, as outlined by the CRO or DRO. More information about this can be found in Policy 400 or by contacting the CRO at [email protected]

Referendum Archive

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