BUSU Elections

Each school year, BUSU hosts three elections for undergraduate students to select their representation on the BUSU Board of Directors, the Brock University Students' Administrative Council (BUSAC) and the executive team. Students also vote on approving referendums on fee and our internal legislative documents.

Have a question about elections? Contact our Chief Returning Officer at [email protected].

The Elections team needs volunteers! Visit the "Volunteer" section of the Advocacy page HERE to sign up today.

Fall By-Elections


Student at Large (any faculty) - 2 Seats Available

Houssein Alayan
Isabella Chavez
Ria Choksi
Ali Imran
Naomie Jeyanthakumar
Rene Kumar
Moksh Sharna
Aishah Sonekan

Marilyn I. Walker Campus - 1 Seat Available

Rachel McCartney


Constitutional Referendum

Referendum Question: Do you support the changes to the BUSU constitution as outlined in Appendix 1?

View MOU/ Appendix 1 (Download PDF)

Yes Side
View the Yes Side's Website

No Side
There is no "No" side for this referendum.