Drag Show and Pasta Bar

Thursday 21 March 2024

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Union Station

Are you ready for Canada’s Drag Race Season 3 break out star Chelazon Leroux!

BUSU invites you to come by for a Pasta Bar and Drag Show, in partnership with Brock Pride and Pride Niagara!

Pasta Bar and Drag Show is back at Union Station.

This is an all ages event with limited seating. Bar open for those 19+ with valid government-issued ID (no screenshots).  

Performers Include



  • Limited seating, Tickets available for $10 each
  • Doors and Pasta Bar open at 6:30 p.m.
  • Show starts at 7:30 pm
  • Pasta bar will close at 9 p.m.
  • Pronoun pins available for purchase
  • Bar open for drinks for purchase (19+). Plus, free mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.


Chelazon Leroux  From Canada’s Drag Race Season 3 break out star 

Chelazon Leroux from Canada’s Drag Race is Layten Byhette’s stage name. Chelazon (she/he/they) is a two-Spirit Dene First Nations Multidisciplinary Artist. Chelazon’s artistic pursuits include: Drag, stand-up comedy, and social media content creation.  

Chelazon uses her Indigenous identity— as a status member of Buffalo River Dene Nation (Treaty 10) and family ties to Fond Du Lac First Nation (Treaty 8) —as the foundation for her creative works. Chelazon is best known for her Auntie persona and TikTok posts. Chelazon uses her social media influence to educate and entertain audiences worldwide. 

Her goal is to utilize her responsibilities as a Two-Spirit  multimedia artist to bring Two-Spirit’s historical role into the modern world. 

To educate and entertain audiences worldwide on  the experiences, stories, and beauty of Indigenous identity. 


Where glamour meets wit, and talent hits the stage, Eboni Niagara’s very own enchantress. Pride Niagara Ambassador 2022/2023 Eboni has set stages ablaze with her electrifying performances.  A sensational trans Drag queen known for her magnetic stage presence, with a captivating blend of humor, sensuality, and charisma. Eboni embracing her journey with grace, breaking boundaries and seducing audiences.  

Hellen Heelz  

Pretty, skinny, tall, and seductive? That's Hellen Heelz Niagara's gender-bending, alt-girl Queen. Pride Niagara Ambassador 2019/2022 Hellen Heelz is the longest regining Pride Niagara Ambassador! Hellen Heelz just wants to let everyone know that the weather is, in fact, lovely up here and the thin air helps! 


Niagara's most electrifying new performer on the scene, WOOF, there she is! With her dazzling paws-itivity and ability bark up a storm on stage, this queen is top dog!  



 Vanity a la Mode 

One of Niagara’s favorite all around personalities.  Drag entertainer, host and community influencer. Vanity a La Mode is your throwback gal with a hint of camp and a whole lot of ice cream! 



Macy Manolo 

Macy Manolo is a Niagara resident and celebrated Drag queen, personality, entertainer, event coordinator and activist. Niagara’s Entertainer of the Year 2007 and Pride Niagara Ambassador?2016/2017 Macy has been performing & fund raising across Canada/United States with various 2SLGBTQ+ organizations. Cohost of Niagara Region’s Original Drag brunch, the infamous “Drag it to Brunch”. Serving the most fabulous brunch experience across Niagara. Macy reminds everyone, when in doubt to always wear red, just not around her! 

Felton B. Bender  

Felton B. Bender has been performing in Tri-Cities, Hamilton, and Niagara for the past decade. A staple on the stage at Pride Niagara events he has a penchant for forgetting his shirt. Holding provincial titles including Pride Niagara Ambassador 2022/2023, he is as giving a person as he is an electrifying performer. 


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