Elections 2013

Well Badgers it’s that time of year again where things get political! The BUSU executive nominations ended last friday and now the race has officially begun!  To the everyday student, BUSU can be one big question mark. Within my time at university there were many questions I asked myself during election time…
– What does BUSU do?
– What are these elections for?
– How does this affect me?
– Does my voice really make a difference?

My goal is not to tell you to vote, but instead why I plan to vote- you then have the opportunity to decide for yourself.
Brock University is celebrated for having a close community feel, allowing students to always feel comfortable. Every year, BUSU strives to find executives who understand why students love Brock and aspire to make our school a better place in every aspect. As an undergraduate student, I plan to vote in the upcoming election because I want Brock to be represented by people who have Brock on the top of their to-do list! Right now I want everyone to take a moment and think of what Brock looked like in their first year. As many can agree, Brock has changed drastically over the years all thanks to the student leaders who made this happen. As each candidate formulates their platform, they plan big ideas that will affect Brock for years to come.

The candidates for the upcoming executive elections as follows:

Presidential Candidates
Brandon Vrysen
Cooper Millard
Ryan Jones
Tessa Alexander

Vice President, Finance and Administration Candidates
Christopher Yendt
Jasper Wong

Vice President, University Affairs Candidates
Antonio Sergi
Bryan Levesque
Olivier Kayitaba
Roland Erman
Saad Habib

Vice President, Student Services Candidates
Camillo Chacon
Jesse Renda
Lashkar Dehal
Liv Meriano
Reet Roy

Board of Directors Candidates
Harish Aggarwal
Kevin Wilson
Tyler Evans
Yi Gao (Vincent)

Referendum Question:
The Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre

YES or NO?

Each of these candidates have a chance to lead BUSU in the 2013-2014 school year and represent our student body in the big picture. Campaigning will begin Monday, February 4th where students will have the opportunity to see which candidate will be best fit for the job! Students will be able to vote both electronically (via brock e-mail) and at polling stations from February 12th-14th. I urge all Brock students to attend the debates held throughout the next few weeks and stay tuned for video releases from Brock Tv regarding the elections.Remember that these candidates are your classmates, friends and fellow badgers! You have the opportunity to choose the future of BUSU, and Brock University as a whole! Student powered, Elections 2013.

For Elections updates be sure to follow @brockbusu and like the BUSU facebook page!
Happy voting badgers!