ELECTION UPDATE: Brock University Senate Election

*CORRECTION NOTICE: The appointment/election of temporary Senators will take place at the July BUSAC meeting, not May. -CG


On Tuesday March 25th at approximately 1pm the Elections Committee met to discuss an incident that occurred related to the Brock University Senate election.  The Committee deemed that actions of a third party had compromised the integrity and fairness of the race.  The third party had sent an email to eligible voters endorsing 4 of 7 candidates in the race.

The Committee determined that these actions and circumstances have compromised By-Law 650 Section 6;(i)(b)(e) and thus has created a disadvantage to the three (3) unendorsed candidates in which the Elections Committee is unable to repair or remedy.

It is with this rational that the Elections Committee has decided to cancel the Brock University Senate Election.  All votes cast in this race will be sealed and the election for this race will be cancelled.

The Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) will elect temporary Senators at its May 1st July 2014 meeting.  These temporary appointments will remain in place until a by-election can take place in the fall of 2014, where at this time students will seek election for the two (2) year and one (1) year terms.

Please note that only the votes cast in the Brock University Senate race are affected by this decision and that votes cast in the Referendum, Off-Campus or Faculty Elections have been received and will be handled as usual.

For more information and questions, please email Mauricio Galko, Chief Returning Office, [email protected].

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