Recently questions have been raised about an email sent from a third party regarding the Turf Field Referendum.

The email in question that was sent from a third-party relating to the Turf Field Referendum has been deemed by the Elections Committee to be distinctly different from the third party email sent regarding the Senate Election.

The third party email regarding Turf Field Referendum was a request for volunteers to join the campaign team of the Yes side, which subsequently did not result in any additional campaign members.  The email also stated BUSAC approved information directly from the Memorandum of Understanding.  The email was brought to the attention of the Elections Committee. The Chief Returning Officer (CRO) subsequently contacted the sender, explained why this could not continue and requested the sender cease any involvement.  The sender agreed and did not breach the request of the CRO.

In situation of third party involvement in the Senate Election, the CRO reached out to the third party and requested them to stop any endorsement of candidates and involvement.  This request was not met and subsequently the third party proceeded to send out emails which the Election Committee deemed to be endorsements of candidates and endorsements of qualities the said candidates had to be viable options for sitting on the University Senate.

The above differences have been established by the Election Committee and with this said, has determined that the ability for students to make an informed and unbiased decision in the Turf Field Referendum has not been compromised.

For more information on this any election related matters, please contact Mauricio Galko, [email protected]

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