About Me

Your Student Justice Centre is a BUSU service and an education, advocacy, and equity hub rooted in social justice outreach and support work. We work alongside students, clubs, and Brock University departments to promote and launch social justice campaigns and educative workshops to challenge, eradicate, and raise awareness about issues of oppression. I manage and oversee the services and operations of the Student Justice Centre, am a member of the Anti-Racism Task Force and the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee, run our drop-in and by-appointment referral service, and I support the three SJC Coordinators in their organizing, planning, and leading of the SJC's educative programming on campus.

Students May Need to Contact Me For:
Drop by TH252A and say hello! We're here for you in the SJC Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you want to volunteer, talk about social justice, or are looking for support with an event you're planning, the SJC staff are here to collaborate and help. If you need someone to talk to, the SJC runs a drop-in and by-appointment listening, support, and referral service to provide students with a safe space and to connect you with the best Brock or Niagara-based support service.