Neville Madill



My name is Neville Madill and I am a fourth-year Sport Management student. I first started working for Brock TV in August 2022 when I was hired as a Producer for the 2022/2023 school year. I decided to apply for the position because I am interested in the broadcast and digital media spaces. With Sport Media as a legitimate career pathway, I get to experience what it's like to produce and create content behind the scenes. In this position, I can fulfill my personal and professional interests all in one place. I can focus on the technical skills that are needed within the media industry, working alongside individuals I can learn from. It has been awesome working for Brock TV because it is a very creative position where I can produce content that I think students will like. This includes the Brock Men’s Hockey Documentary where I have been able to conduct interviews with players and coaches, edited episodes, and collect exclusive behind-the-scenes content of the team. With episodes starting to release in November 2022, it’s exciting putting all of the pieces together to make something special.