Joel Antony

Video Production Manager


joel headshot
Hey there, I'm Joel. Graduated from the Business Administration Double Degree Program in 2022, and these days, I'm the Video Manager at BrockTV. I've been on the BrockTV grind for over two years—started as a producer, upgraded to senior producer in my second year. BrockTV's been my crash course in the whole video production scene, from filming to editing to broadcasting. Everything I know, I picked up right here at BrockTV. The best part of being the Video Manager is passing on that knowledge and giving new BrockTV folks the same hands-on experience. One of my all-time faves at BrockTV has to be "When it Matters Most", a BrockTV original series where we followed the Brock Badgers Men's Hockey team for the entire 2022-23 season. It was a year-long rollercoaster of video production fun and a ton of learning along the way. Feel free to drop me a line at if you've got any video requests or cool ideas you want to toss around. I'm all ears!