Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass)

Students registered in 1.5 or more credits are charged the U-Pass Fee. With your U-Pass you have access to St. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Pelham and the Niagara Regional Transit Systems. The U-Pass works between September 4th and April 30th. During O-Week students can come to the Vendor Fair at Weather Station Field to get their 2017-18 U-Pass sticker.For more information on your Universal Bus Pass, how to get to Brock and around the Niagara Region, please check out the resources that we have provided on this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Vice President Finance & Administration, Aidan Hibma.

Each year Brock students use St. Catharines & Thorold Transit over 2,500,000 times. Knowing this, BUSU has arranged for over 15 dedicated routes that will get students directly to Brock. We encourage you to download the St. Catharines Transit app (link found on right) so you can be sure to never miss a bus and always know which routes will get you to your destination.

Please familiarize yourself with the maps, routes and timing as you may live in an area that requires you to transfer buses at the Pen Centre or Downtown Terminal. Remember, you a required to have a valid 2017-18 U-Pass sticker on your Brock ID to ride the bus.

NEWS & UPDATES (Route alterations were necessary due to the failed U-Pass Fee increase referendum in 2016-17)

All routes dedicated to Brock have new numbers. When a route starts with a “3” it is indicating that it is a day-time route. Routes starting with “4” are evenings/weekend routes. For those that have used the U-Pass before, you will notice that the last 2 digits of the routes have not changed.

Thorold Route 324/424 is new this year and will service St. Davids, Tupper, Richmond, & Summers Dr. Former Thorold Route 30 has been discontinued. Students can take the 20, or 322 and trasnfer to Brock at Towpath on 328, 321/421 or NRT 50/55.

Former route 216 “MIWalker Bus” has been discontinued. Students can use the following routes to access the MIWalker Fine and Performing Arts Centre: STC Route 316/416, NRT Route 50/55, NRT Route 70/75 and NRT Route 40/45 if you are travelling directly from Niagara Falls

Former evening only route 128 has been discontinued. Students traveling from Merriton/Hartzel/Secord Woods area can use Route 318 and transfer to Brock using the 335/435 or 336/436 at the Pen Centre. Students can also use route 311 and transfer to Brock at Towpath in Thorold using the 328, 321/421, or NRT 50/55

Niagara Region Transit (NRT) usage is covered by your Brock U-Pass. This service connects St. Catharines, Thorold,
Niagara Falls, Welland, Port Colborne, Niagara-On-The-Lake(NOTL) and Fort Erie. Students can utilize the NRT Routes to get around the region and to get to major transit hubs like Brock University, Niagara College, Downtown Terminals and the Pen Centre.


Students looking to access the Niagara Collection Outlet Mall in NOTL can take NRT Route 40/45 from the STC Downtown Terminal or directly from the Niagara Falls Terminal.

Students travelling from Niagara Falls to Brock will use the NRT Route 50/55.

Students wishing to use GO Bus Service can use 50/55 or 70/75 to access STC Downtown Terminal then transfer to the 40/45 to Fairview Mall or continue on this route to Niagara College NOTL Campus. Check GO Bus schedules for your best route options.

Students can use the 50/55 and 70/75 to access STC Downtown Terminal and the Pen Centre.

Students looking for late night and weekend service in Downtown Thorold can use the 50/55 which stops at Towpath before departing to Brock.

Students going to Niagara College can use the 40/45 to access the NOTL Campus and 70/75 to access the Welland Campus

Welland Transit offers two (2) types of transit options for students; Brock Direct and Inner-City service. The direct to Brock Route is called the “Brock Link” and it departs from Niagara College at 7:30am and arrives at Brock at 7:50am. The service runs hourly which means it departs from Niagara College on the :30’s (7:30, 8:30, 9:30….) and arrives at Brock on the :50’s (7:50, 8:50, 9:50….). The last bus to Brock on the “Brock Link” leaves Niagara College at 9:15pm and arrives to Brock at 9:35pm. The last trip from Brock to Niagara College on the “Brock Link” leaves at 10:00pm and arrives at Niagara College at 10:20pm. The “Brock Link” only runs Monday to Friday.

Students are required to use the various Welland Transit “inner-city” routes to get to Niagara College to catch the “Brock Link” and to get home after arriving back in Welland on the “Brock Link”. The full “inner-city routes, timing and maps can be found on the right side of this page.


Students will be required to swipe their Brock ID on Welland Transit Routes this year so they can collect ridership data. Students will need to have a functioning Brock ID with the correct U-Pass 2017-18 sticker on it to ride.

Students looking to travel from Welland to Brock on Saturdays will need to use NRT Route 70/75 which runs hourly starting at 7:10am from the Welland Terminal, 7:18am from Seaway Mall and 7:24am from Merrit Rd/Niagara St. This route arrives at Brock (Glenrdige/East Academic) at 7:34am. The last stop at Brock University is at 8:29pm.

Niagara Falls Transit provides “inner-city” service for students travelling in Niagara Falls. Students travelling to Brock from Niagara Falls use the NRT Routes 50/55 or 40/45 (to Downtown Terminal). For all Niagara Falls “inner-city” routes please see the map and routes on the right side of this page


There are no updates or information at this time for Niagara Falls Transit.

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