Wellness Week: Students4Students Advice

Thank you to all the students who participated in the #Students4Students tabling during Wellness Week!

Throughout the week, students were asked a number of different questions and their answers were documented on the tables. Hopefully you can read through these responses and feel better about the overall stress that comes with exams and university. Remember, you are not alone in these stressful times and if you ever need anyone to talk to BUSU is here to help.


[vc_column_text]How do you reward yourself after finishing an exam or assignment?

sleep, shots, bake cookies, casino, call mom, Netflix, pizza party, veg out,

chill with friends, gym, cold shower, online shopping, movies, Skybar, schooners


What’s a great way to meet people?

join a club, at Isaac’s, in a ball pit, house parties, Frost Week, lectures, work,

karaoke, on the bus, sports, seminars, open mic night, say hello, study groups


How do you de-stress?

dance, run, workout, yoga, bike ride, shop, hockey, retail therapy, art,

junk food, wine, naps, paint my nails, whiskey, pet my cats, music, hot tub


How do you study?

groups, with a pen, sleep, in the library, quiz yourself, quiet music, chew gum,

in complete silence with candles, as soon as I get up (most alert), re-do homework


How do you stay organized/manage your time?

agenda, I don’t, to-do lists, calendar, make a list/use my planner, colour code things, just breathe,

8 hour rule: 8 hours of sleep – 8 hours of work – 8 hours of fun, post-it notes, do a little every day, iCal


What do you consider a healthy relationship?

communication, good laughs, sex, food, respect, kindness, hugs, mutual respect,

a sexy thing called love, balance, communication about sex, understanding, family


Biggest obstacle of coming to university?

balancing sports and school, being a small fish in a big pond, money, finding friends,

laundry, cooking, workload, location of classes, knowing no one, holding my liquor,

distance from home, social anxiety, leaving mom, unclear future goals


Study snacks?

apples, crackers, BBQ anything, hummus, candy, chips, cookies and tea, poutine, pizza, celery,

fuzzy peaches, chocolate milk, cucumbers, nutella, almonds, pop tarts, ANYTHING, nachos, doritos


[/vc_column_text]  When you get a chance, check out all of the responses on the banners on the wall outside Fishbowl!