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Welcome to the Brock University Students’ Union clubs page. Here at BUSU we have over 90 unique and amazing clubs! Please view the complete clubs directory below and if you see something you’re interested in, feel free to contact the club directly via email and get involved! If you think we are missing something as a club, feel free to create it – there’s information below on how to start your own club! If you have any questions feel free to email the Clubs Coordinator at [email protected] or stop by the BUSU office!

General Interest

Starting a New Club

This includes a club constitution membership list, indemnity forms, and signing officers forms. BUSU also needs to know the clubs contact information and description for our website.
  • Contact the Clubs Coordinator

    The Clubs Coordinator should be your first contact for questions about creating a club, the steps involved and potential partners around Brock. They will provide you with the dates when the next ratification period is open (three weeks in November and three weeks in March).

  • Attend the Information Session

    Each semester BUSU will hold an information session for anyone interested in starting a club. At the information session you will be given all the paperwork required. The next information session is on November 1st, 2017 at 5-6:30pm in Welch Hall 207!

  • Fill out the Paperwork

    Fill out all the ratification documents that were handed out during the information session. This includes a club constitution, indemnity forms, and signing officers forms. BUSU also needs to know the clubs contact information and description for our website.

  • Paperwork is Reviewed by BUSU

    BUSU staff will review and approve all ratification forms.

  • Notice of Approval

    Congratulations, you are now a BUSU ratified club! BUSU’s clubs team will be in contact to talk about next steps. This includes helping you arrange your first meeting and setting you up with an ExperienceBU page.

  • Club Portal

    Once you have a page on ExperienceBU you will be given access to the Clubs Portal. The Clubs Portal is where you can access most of the perks of being a BUSU ratified club. This includes room bookings, table bookings, funding requests and print requests.

Perks of Running a Club

All undergraduate students pay into a Clubs Levy which provides funds available for all clubs to access. For information on how to request funding, see below or email [email protected] Some items commonly funded are t-shirts/SWAG, conference fees, event supplies, etc.
As a ratified BUSU club, you will be given access to book rooms all across campus to host meetings/events. You can also book a table in the hallways to sell tickets, advertise your club, etc. Hallways fully booked? Ask about reserving a space in Isaac’s or the Market
All clubs are provided with free poster printing (up to 250 pages) as well as one free banner each year. Don’t have a design yet? Try, a free, easy-to-use, online image editor.
Book Isaac’s for an event and the rental fee will be waived. Contact [email protected] to request Isaac’s. Please make sure all requests are made as far in advance as possible
As a ratified BUSU club you are entitled to a free locker on campus to help store club supplies. Stop by the BUSU office to register for one!

Additional Documents and Information

1. Propose Event to Clubs Coordinator
  • This can be in person, through email, or over the phone.
  • The first thing needed is some information, projected budget, number of students involved, the who, what, when, why and how
  • The Clubs Coordinator will guide you through the budget process, any connections BUSU might have to get you a better deal, help with your presentation, etc.
2. Research the Costs
  • Look at hotel costs, travel arrangements, ticket prices, etc.
  • The various students councils you may have to present to like to see research on what you are planning to do
3. Create a presentation
  • Download this PowerPoint template
  • This template is short, to the point and most effective to present to the Clubs Policy Committee, Brock University Student Administrative Council (BUSAC) or the Board of Director’s.
  • Once you and the Clubs Coordinator have gone over the power-point and finalized it, the Clubs Coordinator will get you onto the agenda for the Clubs Policy Committee.
4. First Presentation – Clubs Policy Committee
  • All presentations must come before the Clubs Policy Committee (CPC) before they are seen by other student bodies.
  • The CPC can approve requests UNDER $1500 at the committee level.
  • Any request OVER $1500 will be brought to BUSAC at the next meeting of BUSAC
  • CPC meets weekly at the BUSU office
5. Second Presentation – BUSAC
  • BUSAC will see any request over $1500
  • The CPC will make its recommendation to BUSAC over the funding you are asking for
  • BUSAC meets every OTHER week in the 13th floor boardroom in the tower.
6. Notification of Approval
  • If your funding is approved the Clubs Coordinator will be informed and will let you know the process to access the funding
  • If you have special request, (ie. Making a cheque out to Niagara Classic Transport, etc.) please inform the club coordinator and they will take care of it.

  • Club Strategic Planning – start to decide on the events and programs you would like to run during the upcoming year. BUSU’s office is open all year round and we would love to help! Start to think of what you will need from BUSU for the year (funding, supplies, etc.)


  • O-Week Clubs Fair – the main club event of the year. Your opportunity to advertise your club to the 4,000 first year students. Provide volunteers for move in day in order to secure yourself a table. Sign up for move in day begins early August.


  • Club President Meeting – All club presidents are required to attend an information session in the middle of October. We will review what to expect for the upcoming year. If a club is going to request funding, budgets are due at this meeting


  • Student Leadership Summit – club executives can attend the Student Leadership Summit for free (BUSU will cover the cost – limited tickets available)
  • Information Session for anyone interested in starting a club for the winter term


  • Exams/Holiday Break


  • Frost Week Clubs Fair – an additional mini clubs fair to help new clubs advertise


  • Executive Elections Open – each year clubs are required to elect their Executive members for the upcoming year. For more information on club elections, please see the Bylaw500


  • Executive Elections Close
  • Clubs Summit – Full day summit for all newly elected club executives. Attendance is mandatory
  • Clubs Banquet – End of year celebration and awards show! “Guaranteed to be a blast!” -Istafa Sufi, Former Brock Eco President

Meet the Team

Maddy Wassink

Vice-President, Student Services
905-688-5550 ext. 3750
[email protected]

Hibo Ahmed

Clubs Manager
905-688-5550 ext. 5274
[email protected]