2016-17 BUSAC and Senate Elections


Board of Directors (1 Year Term):

  • Brandon Haidon: Hey fellow badgers! My name is Brandon and I am a third year Economics major who is running for the Board of Directors One Year Term position for the 2017/2018 school year. In case you didn’t know, the Board of Directors of BUSU essentially control and handle the allocation of monies for the corporation such as the Division 1 Budget. This is one of two main functions that the Board is responsible for, the other being the implementation of BUSU’s policies that all BUSU members must adhere too. Now that you have a little background on the position, I will now inform you on what I bring to the table. I have experience being in that boardroom. I had the privilege of being selected to fill a seat while some board members were running in the February 2017 BUSU election. Being able to have the knowledge of how the Board runs and the way it is operated gives me an ideal advantage to be able to handle any challenges that occur because I’ve been there before. My experience this year being a Student-at-Large representative on BUSAC also has given me knowledge on other operations and functions of BUSU. I will bring a professional attitude if I am elected such as punctuality, organization, and filling my responsibilities. I will make informed decisions based on whether new policies or ideas adhere to ethical standards, are cost friendly to students, and help the environment. Running for Board means no flashy campaign points but I want to be a part of Brock in a way that makes a difference in the lives of students which is why being elected is so important to me. I want to give back to the school that gives back to me.

Board of Directors (2 Year Term):

  • Rafay Rehan: Hey I’m Rafay Rehan. I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op program. I enjoy volunteering, photography and graphic design when I’m not busy studying. For the last two years of high school I was part of an organization called the ‘Guelph Youth Council’ where we planned on how youth based programs would run and be funded. During my time at this organization I had the opportunity to work with the mayor as well. We further developed my high school’s ‘Free from Hunger Campaign’ where the school provided food for students that were not eating properly at home. This organization and the amazing student community at Brock was one of the reasons I joined the accounting program. I would love to represent the needs and interests of the students at Brock University by being a part of the Board of Directors. I want to ensure all policies are made through the magnifying glass of accountability and integrity. I look forward to reaching out to you all during my campaign and hopefully gaining your confidence in being part of BUSU Board of Directors for the next two years.
  • Witta Nicoyishakiye: Hello fellow Badgers!

    My name is Witta and I am running for a 2-year term as Board of Director. As a responsible, proactive and decisive individual, I promise to commit myself to fulfill student’s best interests in terms of:
    – fund allocation
    – policies
    – programs
    – procedures

    I would like to bring you the most holistic campus environment. As an upperclassman that has always been a proud Badger, here’s why I am the ideal candidate:

    • I have experience in Brock community involvement:
    -> MNUN writing resolution papers/policies & gaining recognition as one of the top schools with the best resolution papers.
    -> Student executive of two BUSU ratified clubs
    • I am an efficient team player:
    -> I have had the chance to work with not only peers but also BUSU and its student executives as well as on campus organizations
    ->Varying off campus involvement with NGOs and political party affiliations.


The following referenda shall also take place during the March Election Cycle (click to view the full MOU). (What is a referendum? A referendum is a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision)

Federal Advocacy Fee

Do you support the creation of a Federal Advocacy Fee of $0.70 per credit as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding?

Yes Side Statement
BUSU is asking you to vote YES to support the Federal Advocacy fee. Federal Advocacy initiatives are critical in enhancing the Brock University student experience. The Brock University Students’ Union is currently a member of an advocacy organization that brings together schools from across Canada to lobby the federal government on issues that affect YOU.
Federal Advocacy efforts have helped to make Canadian youth and Post-Secondary Education a priority. It is important for BUSU to continue engaging in this work in order to ensure that the needs of Brock students are heard by politicians and key decision-makers.
How can lobbying the federal government affect the Brock student experience?
• Advancing research and innovation on campus
• Supporting international students
• Increasing financial assistance and scholarships
• Creating student employment opportunities
• Funding for indigenous students and reconciliation efforts
Vote YES to Federal Advocacy and vote YES to a better university experience

What happens if you vote No?
There will be no Federal Advocacy Fee charge of $0.70 per credit charge levied to the undergraduate students. There will be no fund used on the federal advocacy expenditures and the costs associated with facilitating federal advocacy initiatives. Brock students being represented by government officials and relevant stakeholders who make decisions that affect post-secondary education will remain the same. These topics include: financial assistance, research and innovation, international students, youth employment, and indigenous students and reconciliation.

Clubs Levy

Do you support a $1.95 increase to the Clubs Fee ($2.05 to $4.00 per credit) starting September 2017 as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding?

Yes Side Statement
One of the most important parts of the Badger experience is being involved on campus through the various diverse clubs that the Brock University Students’ Union has to offer. This year we had a total of 111 ratified clubs that encompass a variety of interests including; academic, arts, cultural, well-being, religious, political, activism, and general interest. Joining or creating a club is one of the best ways to meet new people that share similar interests, develop leadership skills, create a network, and enrich your overall university experience. This fee adjustment will allow BUSU:
• To expand the amount of club funding available for various initiatives on and off campus
• To incorporate additional training opportunities for all club members
• To increase the number of professional and student staff that support our clubs
• To increase our capacity to support more clubs
Please vote yes for the clubs referendum! #SmallChange4BigChange.

What happens if you vote No?
If the referendum does not pass this means that BUSU will not be able to increase the number of professional and student staff that support the clubs. BUSU will not be able to increase their capacity to support club activities. There will be no additional training opportunities for club members. Lastly, there will not be extra funding for various initiatives on and off campus beyond what is currently provided.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Fee

Do you support the removal of the $1.50 per credit fee for Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPRIG) effective May 2017?”

Yes Side Statement
Please VOTE YES to defund OPRIG. OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) collects $1.50 ($7.50 per student taking a full-course load) per credit from students. This is approximately $117,000 each year. Most students do not know what OPIRG is, or how it is funded. OPIRG has not been transparent in several ways and has not delivered value to students that pay the fees.
• They do not adequately advertise that every student can opt out of this fee each year and most students are not aware of what they “are doing”
• They have not been a presence on-campus.
• They have not updated their website in over a year, have not posted budgets or financials to students
• Have not been voted on since 1988 and there are many questions if they are following their MOU/agreement.
VOTE YES to stop students from paying for the OPIRG Fee.

No side statement
Vote no, save OPIRG Brock! The Brock chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) is committed to:
• Developing long term public budgetary and programming goals that best meet the needs of our student and community membership
• Continuing to foster a communicative relationship with BUSU and other campus groups to address issues facing Brock students
• Hosting campus and community consultations to ensure maximum student feedback
• Increasing on-campus and online presence to ensure students are able to access OPIRG’s resources
• Supporting initiatives that challenge violence and discrimination, and advocate for social and environmental justice

Available Positions:

  • BUSAC Faculty of Education Seat
  • BUSAC Faculty of Humanities Seat
  • BUSAC Faculty of Social Sciences Seat
  • BUSAC Extra Faculty Seat
  • 16 At Large BUSAC Representatives Seat
  • 3 Two Year Brock University Senate Seat
  • 1 One Year Board of Directors Seat
  • 1 Two Year Board of Directors Seat

The Councilors and members of council have the following responsibilities:

  1. Represent the needs and concerns of their constituents
  2. Enact, amend and rescind bylaws and other legislation of the Corporation
  3. Provide political direction and external priorities for the organization
  4. Review and approve capital expenditures, club expenditure requests, and audited financial statements
  5. Set election, referendum, and general meeting dates
  6. Review the approved budget as passed by the Board of Directors

The Directors of the Corporation shall have the following duties:

  1. The responsibility for the allocation of all monies of the Corporation
  2. The setting and implementation of Corporation Policy and Procedures

The members of senate shall have the following duties:

  1. To review and create the educational policies of the University

The following referendums shall also take place during the March Election Cycle:

  1. Federal Advocacy Fee
  2. Clubs Levy
  3. Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Fee
Nomination packages available February 27th (BUSU office)
Nominations close March 10th: 4:30pm
All Candidates Meeting March 10th: 5:30pm at TBA
Prep Week March 13th – March 17th
Campaigning Starts March 20th
VOTING DAYS March 28th, 29th and 30th
Campaigning Ends March 30th
Chief Returning Officer Jeremy Steinhausen (non-voting)
Deputy Returning Officer Kevin Changhsavang (non-voting)
Deputy Returning Officer Fiona Purkiss (non-voting)
BUSAC Rep Sophia Mac
BUSAC Rep Riley Cousins
BUSAC Rep Sannan Saleem
Student at Large Mario Shevlin
Student at Large Joshua Sayers
Student at Large TBD

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