2017-18 BUSAC and Senate Elections and Referenda

The October Election period is generally used to select the remaining members of the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC), but all positions were either filled last March, or were acclaimed this election period.

Instead, this election period will simply ask one referendum question to students: “Do you support a $34.67 increase to the Bus Pass Fee ($212.33 to $247.00) starting September 2018 as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding?”

What happens if I vote Yes?

  • Improve/Add routes and frequency
  • Ensure financial stability in the bus pass budget
  • Allow for future growth of routes, GO Transit and later schedules
  • Possible subsidies for Spring/Summer service

What happens if I vote No?

  • Removal of routes and service areas to balance the budget
  • Less frequent times for routes
  • Busier and more crowded buses due to removed stops and routes

How do I vote?
Students will be sent a link to a ballot through their @brocku.ca email addresses on October 24th. Just click the link provided and you’ll be able to vote.

Nomination packages available September 29th (BUSU office)
Nominations close October 6th
All Candidates Meeting October 6th at 5pm
Prep Week October 9th – October 13th
Campaigning Starts October 16th
VOTING DAYS October 24th, 25th, and 26th
Campaigning Ends October 26th
Chief Returning Officer Fiona Purkiss (non-voting)
Deputy Returning Officer Tonyclinton Nweke (non-voting)
Deputy Returning Officer Anmol Panesar (non-voting)
BUSAC Rep Jacqueline Harber
BUSAC Rep Christine Saleeb
Student at Large TBD
Student at Large TBD
Student at Large TBD

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