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The Student Justice Centre is your campus hub for social and political education, support, and activism! The SJC provides support to students impacted by and not limited to: racism, colonialism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, ethnoreligious fascism, classism, sexism, and ageism. We advocate for social justice through educative initiatives, activism support, and programming, like workshops, events, film screenings, campaigns, etc. We provide students with many free educational opportunities, access to free resources (like condoms and menstrual products), as well as student placements and opportunities for paid workshop facilitation. We also partner with student groups doing justice work to provide logistical, organizing, and financial support. The Student Justice Centre provides a safer space on campus where students can drop in to hang out, study, connect with like-minded folks, and discuss social issues that matter most to you. Although our physical space in TH 252A is currently not open due to COVID-19, we continue to offer educational and engagement opportunities for Brock students in a digital format.

The SJC stopped receiving funding on April 30, 2019 as the SJC Memorandum of Understanding expired. The SJC has since been operating on funding reserves. There is currently no funding in place to support the SJC’s ongoing operations, so we are going to referendum with the aim to secure adequate funding to continue the work of the SJC, and expand its reach on campus.
Voting YES to the SJC referendum means the SJC will continue our current operations and expand our student opportunities on campus.

Services from the SJC will include:
  • Educative initiatives such as workshops and campaigns
  • Programming such as events, speaker series, and panel discussions
  • Drop-in and by-appointment peer-to-peer listening, support, advocacy and/or referral services
  • A drop-in-centre that provides a safe and supportive space for students
  • Activism
  • Funding, solidarity, and organizing support for students doing social justice projects, initiatives, and programming
  • An online and in-house resource hub (social justice educative materials, condoms & dental dams, menstrual products, school supplies, stickers & buttons, etc.)
  • Liaise and collaborate with campus and community partners to improve student experience
  • To provide a safer space on campus where students can exist free of discrimination
  • To provide peer-to-peer support for students impacted by systems of oppression (racism, transphobia, ableism, etc.)
  • To provide a campus hub where students can develop activism and advocacy skills
  • To provide free educational opportunities for students
  • To provide resources, like free food, condoms, and menstrual products
  • To provide jobs and paid opportunities for students
  • To provide placement/ internship opportunities for students
  • To advocate for and uplift marginalized students
  • To build community among marginalized groups on campus
  • To make Brock a safer and more inclusive environment
The referendum will run from October 27-29. We are requesting $2.75 per credit to fund the Student Justice Centre. The money collected will pay for the costs associated with service provision, events, programming, and resources for students.
Download the MOU (PDF)
Have any questions about the SJC? I would be happy to connect with you!

Michelle Mudge
Student Justice Educator
Office of Human Rights and Equity Services
[email protected]