Using Your Health/Dental Plan in the Summer

Many students are unaware that their BUSU Health and Dental Plan still works during their time away from Brock in the summer.  Your plan actually works until August 31st 2013.  So when you are at the beach and get a little too much sun, we have you covered.  When you’re out camping and you take the path less traveled, we have you and your poison ivy medicine covered.  When you are at the pool trying to impress that special him/her and your double back-flip twist off the diving board leaves your with a few broken teeth, we have you, your teeth and your pride covered.  We think you get it.

So the only difference with your plan while you are away from Brock is that you get your prescription filled at your local pharmacy. Even better, if you go to your local Shoppers Drug Mart, you will still be able to take advantage of have a 0% co-pay, on eligible prescriptions.

So pack your things, say goodbye to your roommates  head home and don’t let health and dental benefits stress you out, because BUSU and StudentVIP have you covered all summer long.

See you in September and be safe.

Health Plan-01