UPDATE: Niagara Falls Transit schedule

NIAGARA FALLS TRANSIT – BROCK RAPID SCHEDULE as of Sept 1, 2014: https://www.niagarafalls.ca/pdf/transit/brock-rapid-schedule.pdf

NIAGARA FALLS TRANSIT Schedule & Route contact information: Dave Stuart – 905-356-7521 ext 4510 [email protected]


Earlier this summer, Niagara Falls Transit released a new schedule for bus service to Brock University which we passed onto you.  The changes to the routes, times and locations were not a result of BUSU requesting changes to past years offerings.  Niagara Falls Transit has assured us that the changes are a part of a more long term plan to make bus routes shorter in terms of duration and to accommodate the potential move of the bus terminal to a more centralized location in Niagara Falls.

Once we posted this new route information it was clear that this schedule was not ideal for students at Brock and we want to thank all of those who provided us with feedback on BUSU.net, Facebook and Twitter.

We (Kyle Rose, VPFA and Juliette Prouse, General Manager) then took this feedback and met with Niagara Falls Transit to get clarifications, shared your feedback and asked what could be done to remedy some of the concerns you provided us.  As expected we were not able to solve every concern but we do think that we have something that students will see as an improvement and progress towards a more effective and efficient service from Niagara Falls.

Some of the overall takeaways we were able to gain were:

  • More buses each day from Niagara Falls to Brock University
  • More consistent departure times from Brock University to Niagara Falls
  • Buses from Chippewa arriving to Brock University on-time for 8am classes
  • No additional costs to the U-Pass funds that we already collect

To see the revised schedule please click: https://www.niagarafalls.ca/pdf/transit/brock-rapid-schedule.pdf

As always, please feel free to provide us with feedback and suggestions.  We have a fairly open dialogue with the various transit commissions and your feedback truly does help us shape the transit systems and helps us to better serve students in the most effective and efficient manner.