TWIB #7 – November 5th Meeting Review

Hello Brock students!

The November 5th BUSAC meeting had several notable agenda items:

•Ratification of the October by-election results – BUSU Chief Returning Officer Jimmy Norman provided BUSAC with the detailed election results. The results were then approved by BUSAC and the newly elected councillors officially took their seats on council. For election results, please visit: The next election period is in February where students will vote on next year’s Executive team as well as any referendums that arise

•Club Funding Requests – BUSAC approved funding for two BUSU clubs. Roots received an $1800 loan to help pay for t-shirts as well as their upcoming Miss Roots pageant on November 15th in Isaacs. UNICEF received $1800 to fund their events and fundraising efforts for the year

•Bylaw 2200 Approval – The Committee of Committee chairs bylaw was approved for the second time. This makes it official legislation and it will be available on the BUSU website in the next couple of days. For a list of all our bylaws please visit:

The next meeting is November 19th at 7pm in the 13th floor Boardroom of the Schmon Tower. Expect a presentation from BUSU’s auditors to review the 2013-2014 financial statements. The full agenda will be posted online Monday, November 17th at 4:30pm.

To watch the meeting online check out: