TWIB #9 – December 3rd Meeting Preview

Hello students!

The last BUSAC meeting of the term is set to take place on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7:00pm.

On the agenda this week:

-Fed Up the Affordable Food Project will be giving an update to council. For more information on Fed Up, visit

-Three clubs will be requesting club funding:
1) Brock Campus Conservatives are requesting funds to cover club members to attend a conference in Toronto
2) Brock FashionHQ is looking to fund their end of year fashion show
3) Coned Council is requesting funds to help support Kids Christmas and education conferencing at Queens University

-Two Bylaw approvals
1) Bylaw 2400 – Governance Committee
2) Bylaw 2900 – Ethics Review Committee

Also, at the last meeting all BUSAC committees were tasked with completing a report for council to approve at the meeting on Wednesday. Once approved, the reports will be posted online for the public to view.

Watch the meeting from the comfort of your home by tuning into